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Registration open for August issue of Readers Shelf under fast track

Dear Readers,

This is being informed that the registration for getting the article published on fast track system basis for August issue of Readers shelf is open. If you are interested in getting the article published under fast track system ( we publish maximum three every month under this system) , you may get your article registered till 25.07.2017 or the date of receipt of required number of articles, whichever is earlier. 

We have started registration today for July issue of Readers Shelf.

The fast track systems operates in the following manner:

you may get the article published immediately by remitting additional charges. The charges for each article is Rs.500/- and maximum five articles we accept under this system every month. The process of sending article in this case is as under:

        1.  First of all the transaction slip of remittance is to be mailed to us so that we can confirm the receipt of additional charges;

      2.  Secondly, the article is to be sent before 25th of the month previous to the month in which the article you want to get published e.g. in case you want that the article is to be published in the month of August 2017 then latest by 25thJune you have to send the article and remit the payment ( in case the required number of articles are received earlier the registration may be closed);

    3. On receipt of  the advice of remittance and the article we shall confirm the publication in which we shall provide you the month and issue no.;

      4.   All the authors are required to be subscriber of the magazine. The other things of the process of sending articles shall remain same.

5     5. The decision of Readers Shelf shall be final in the matter and no communication shall be entertained.


Published on :: 11.07.2017

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