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Contents of December 2017 -Readers Shelf

Dear Readers,

The following articles have been incorporated in the magazine Readers Shelf -of December 2017 issue:

  1. Different Micronutrients in Soils and their Role in Plants Gowth.

Dheeraj Panghaal and Chetan Kumar Jangir

  1. Role of Potassium Solubilising Bacteria for Sustainable Agriculture

Gangadhar Nanda and D. C. Kala

  1. Efficient Management of Resources in Dryland  Areas for Enhanced Productivity

Gaurav Mahajan and Ashish Kumar

  1. Weed Management Practices in Wheat

Harshal Avinashe and Nidhi Dubey

  1. Economic Feasibility of Intercropping

Baldaniya, B. M., Patel, V. M. and Lodam, V. A.

  1. Biological Control in Plant Disease Management

Dr. Ranganathswamy Math and Dr.Gajanan L. Kadam

  1. Fertilizers Management in Soil

Chetan Kumar Dotaniya, Sunil Kumar Pipliwal, Dr. Yogesh Sharma

  1. Microbial Amylases: An Industrially Important Enzyme

Vimalkumar S. Prajapati, Vaibhavkumar N. Mehta, Krunal G. Modi

  1. Asian Brown Cloud: A Blanket of Atmospheric Pollution

Rama Pal and Parul Sundha

  1. Effective Microorganisms and Sustainable Agriculture

M. Priyadharshini and Dr. P. Rajamani

  1. TILLING: Method that Identifies Mutation in a Specific Gene

Vipul Baraiya and Himalay Patel

  1. Importance of Attracting Rural Youth Towards Indian Agriculture

Chikkathimme Gowda, H. R. and Amrutha, T.

  1. Root Knot Nematode: A Threat to Barley Production

Sumit Kumar Pandey, P. Masurkar and Priyanka Choudhary

  1. Insect Pest Management in Mustard Ecosystem

Shweta Patel and Sunil Kumar Yadav

  1. Salt Affected Soil in India and their Reclamation

Raghuveer Singh and Navish Kumar Kamboj

  1. Biopesticide: An Important Tool in IPM

Subhashree Dash and Sumita Das

  1. Use of Self-Incompatibility for Crop Improvement

Rukhsar, Sushil Kumar and Maisuria Hemanshu Kumar J.

  1. Crop Production by using Saline and Alkali Water

Jeetendra Kumar Soni and Raghuveer Singh

  1. Holistic Development of Agro Forestry: Potential and Policy Issues

Vishakha B. Pohare

  1. Hormonal Control of Sclerotization

Purti, Rinku and K. Sankara Rao

  1. I.T. in Agriculture

Saumya Shukla

  1. Importance of Fodder Cultivation in Dairying

Umamageswari, M. and K.V.S.Bhakthavatsalam

  1. Intervention to the Indigenous Fruit Resources: A Critical Visualization

Tanushree Sahoo, Kaluram and Subhash Chander

  1. Membrane Trafficking in Plants

Ritasree Sarma

  1. Genetic Engineering Improves Novel Quality of Starch

Vivek Chandra Verma

  1. Vernalization and itís Role in Crop Improvement

Vijaysingh Thakur, Meena, M. K and Suma T. C

  1. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa): Father of all Foods

Kavithamani and S. Geetha

  1. Vertical Farming a Farming Technology for Better Food Supply

Akash Nikoshe and Richa Kumari

  1. Insectivorous Bats: A Hidden Biocontrol Agent

Richa Kumari and Akash Nikoshe

  1. Climate Change and Food Security

Patil, D. D., Shukla, A. P. and Chauhan, K. K.

  1. Implementing IPM Practices in Melons Cultivation at Farmerís Field: A Success Story

D. Srinivasa Reddy and T. Hemadri

  1. Application of High Pressure Processing in Dairy Industry

Rupesh P. Datir and Snehal P. Lokhande

  1. Genomics of Flowering

V. Anusheela

  1. Bumble Bee: An Amazing Pollinator

Satyapriya Singh

  1. Analogue Resistant Mutant for Strain Improvement

Krunal G. Modi, Vaibhav N. Mehta, Vimal S. Prajapati

  1. Dear Readers 

Published on :: 11.12.2017

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