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Publication of Article

Dear Readers,

As you all are aware of the fact that Readers Shelf publishes more than 34-35 articles in one month and tries to keep all the authors satisfied.

Everyone who is subscriber or receiver of the magazine knows that the magazine is dispatched on 11th of every month.

We, at Readers Shelf, while sending the process and intimating subscription no. make it clear that we publish three to four articles of an author in a year.This clearly means that we take about three to four months to process and publish any article (except those articles which have been registered for fast track system). 

Now take care of the dates. If you send the article after 11th of the month then the article is considered as receipt of next month and the processing starts next month only. We, therefore, request you all to keep track on the date on which article was sent. We explain this with an example:

Suppose you sent article on 26.02.2018  which means the same has been sent long after dispatch of February magazine and therefore the processing starts next month i.e. March 2018. Now calculate three months from that i.e. March, April and May so you make enquiry at the end of May or beginning of June not before that.

We hope you must have understood the thing and request all of you to take care of this process.


Published on :: 17.04.2018

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