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Contents of May 2018 issue of Readers Shelf

Dear Readers,

The following articles have been incorporated in the magazine Readers Shelf for its May 2018 issue which is scheduled to be dispatched on 11.05.2018:

Transposable Elements Based Markers

Asha I.S.

Algea as a Rich Source of Biologically…..

Viral P.Joshi.

Cis-genesis in Breeding of Fruit Crops

Bhattacharjee and Utpal Das

Insect Biotype: Causes and Management

Patel and Yadav

Radioisotopes and their Application in Biology

Sunil Kumar Yadav and Shweta Patel

Insect: As a Vector of Plant Viruses

Shekhada, Savaliya Patil and Mangukiya

Mechanism of Fungicidal Resistance and Ways to Overcome the Fungicidal Resistance

Puja Pandey and Arvind T

National Agriculture Market (NAM) for Stakeholders: Need of the Hour

Meena and Jangid

Hydorgels Role in Retention of Nutrients and Water in soil

Mukesh Kumar

Adaptive Features of Arid and Semi Arid Fruits under Drought Condition

Jat R.K. and Mukesh Kumar


Nazir, Meena, Nisar and Shabnam

Microbial Oil: A Sustainable Fuel for Future


Energy Constraints in Agriculture

Sharma and Varshney

Soyabean: Potential Crop for Agriculture Industry

Manav and Bharat Taindu Jain

Papaya Mealybug and its Management Strategies

Ramesh, Srinivasa, Niranjana and Poddar

Maggot Therapy- an Alternative Way for Wound Healing

Ramya, Padala and Srinivasa

Alarming Diseases and Physiological Disorders of Rose

Nellipalli Vinod Kumar and Priyaranjan Koley

New Association Biological Control- Concept and Application

Padala, Ramya and Srinivasa

Interiorscaping and its Benefits

Nellipalli Vinod Kumar and Priyaranjan Koley

Behaviour of Blood Feeding Flies

Vijayalakshmi, Prithiva, Rabeena and Elango

Small RNAs-Agricultural Prominance and its Significance

R.Subramanian and Sunil Shivananjappa

Economic Implications of Biotechnology and Genetically Modified Crops

Veerabhadrappa and Hasa

Nursery Management Techniques for Ornamental Crops

Manimaran, Kumar and Rajasekar

Protected Cultivation in Fruit Cropsr

Donaka Dayeswari

Effect of Biochar on Soil Health

Neelam Yadav and Poonam Yadav

Soil Fauna-Role in Sustaining Soil Health

Neelam Yadav and Poonam Yadav

Phosphorous Use Efficience

B.R.Iniyalakshimi and R.Suganthi

Biodegradable Plastic Mulches: Impact on Soil Quality and Microclimate

Tarwariya and Peepal

Doubled Haploids- A Quick Way for Homozygous Line Production

Maisuriya, Rukhsar and Sushil Kumar

Heterosis Breeding in Maize

Mohan, Jagadesshwaran,Varthini, Sudhanan

Invasive Pest of Tuta Absoluta (Meyrick)and their Management

Sambhrant, Mishra and Chauhan

Finger Millets- A Nutracereal

Nakarani, Patel and Popat


Geetha, s and d Kavithamani

Sustaining Rice Productivity through Efficient Silicon Management

Gaurav Mahajan and Ashish Kumar

Green Super Rice

Hausila Prasad and Aashima Batheja

Mukibat System of Grafting: an Innovation to Increase Productivity in Cassava

Pradhan, Mangaraj and Jena

An Overview on Entomopathogenic Nematodes

Raghunandan, Solanki and Patel


Published on :: 03.05.2018

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