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Contents of August 2018 issue of Readers Shelf

Dear Readers,

The contents of the August 2018 issue of Readers Shelf, which has been posted well in time on 11.08.2018, are being uploaded for the reference of the readers community. Total 37nos. of articles have been incorporated in the magazine.

1. Pesticide Poisoning in Honey Bees

J. Alfred Daniel, M. Mathialagan and Dinesh Rajaram Hegde

2. Bio-Fertilizers as an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Chemical Fertilizers


3. Quality Management of Bio-Control Agents

Dinesh Rajaram Hegde, J. Alfred Daniel, M. Mathialagan

4. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) in Honey Bees

M. Mathialagan, J. Alfred Daniel and Dinesh Rajaram Hegde

5. Classification of Chrysanthemum Flower Types

Nellipalli Vinod Kumar

6. Mirid Bug Pests: Emerging as Potential Threat to Agriculture

Padala Vinod Kumar, Ramya. N and Keerthi M.C.

7. Causes of Industrial Effluents on Crop Growth

D. Rameshkumar, Manimaran .P, Jaison .M and Rajasekar .P

8. High Density Planting System in Fruit Crops

Donaka Dayeswari

9. Nanotechnology and its Application in the Food Sector

Sneha Shigihalli, Priyadarshini C. Gadad and Maheswari K. Doddamani

10. Gene Pyramiding, A Practical Approach to Develop Disease Resistant in Crop Variety

Prahlad Masurkar, Hausila Prasad Singh and Sumit Kumar Pandey

11. Importance of Medicinal Plants in Day today Life

Srividyarani S. Sajjan And Neelamma R. Kolageri

12. Benefits of Tamarind Byproducts

Lakshmi, H.R, Deepa Terdal and Vittal Kamble

13. Proteomic Approaches for Seed Research

Hemalatha, G., M. Shanmuga Prema and U. Gowthamy

14. Green Roof Garden: Alternative Method for Gardening in Metropolitan Cities

Sunita Kumari

15. Virus – Vector Relationship of Begomoviruses and Bemisia Tabaci in Cucurbitaceous Crops

Tamilnayagan T., Elango K and Nisha Pradeepa K

16. Seed Moisture Equilibrium and Thumb Rules of Seed Storage

Ravinder Kumar

17. Alternate Hosts for Powdery Mildew Fungi

T. Ganesh, U. Lakshmi Narayana and P. Vara Prasad

18. Electronic Nose in Pest Detection

Nisha Pradeepa K, K. Elango and T. Tamilnayagan

19. Cryogenic Grinding Effect on Secondary Metabolites of Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi L.)

L. K. Sharma, D. Agarwal, H. K. Ameta, Kamlesh Kumar, R. C. Jeeterwal, and S. N. Saxena

20. Ber Cultivation

H. K. Ameta, Kamlesh Kumar, D. Agarwal and L. K. Sharma

21. Anti- Bacterial Properties of Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) Seed Extract

Dr. D. Agarwal, Dr. L. K. Sharma, Hemant Kumar Ameta and Dr. S. N. Saxena

22. Papaya Cultivation

H. K. Ameta, Kamlesh Kumar, D. Agarwal and L. K. Sharma

23. Effect of Cryogenic Grinding on Fatty Oil and Constituents of Cumin (Cuminum Cyminum L.) Genotypes

L. K. Sharma, D. Agarwal, Kamlesh Kumar, R. C. Jeeterwal, H. K. Ameta and S. N. Saxena

24. Fatty Oil and Its Constituents in Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare Mill)

Dr. D. Agarwal, Dr. L. K. Sharma, Hemant Kumar Ameta and Dr. S. N. Saxena

25. Vermicompost as an Organic farming

Tupaki Lokya and Kiran pilli

26. Mirid Bug, Nesidiocoristenuis(Reuter): As a Pest of Crops

Subbireddy K.B., Venkatesh Y.N and Chaitra H.S

27. Potential of Green Chemistry in Pollution Prevention

R. Suganthi

28. Pratapdhan: Dual Purpose Coloured Bird Future of Rural Poultry in Rajasthan

Vinod Bhateshwar

29. Cryptocurrency

Neelamma R Kolageri, Srividyarani S. Sajjan and Priyadarshini Gadad

30. Applications of Bioinformatic Tools in Structural and Functional Genomics


31. Evaluation of Germination Test

Dr. Sahaja Deva,

32. Nematodes Management in Vegetable Crops under Protected Cultivation

M. Jahnavi

33. Seabuckthorn (HippopheaerhamnoidesL.):The Golden Bush of Himalayas

Banoth Shiva

34. Applications of Magnetized Water in agriculture

Kharag Singh and Vijay Kant Singh

35. Use of Pasteuria penetrans for Nematode Management

N. Ashokkumar and A. Rajeshkumar

36. Penetration of Nanotechnology in Agricultural Sciences

Kamlesh Kumar, Lokesh K Sharma, Hemant K Ameta Vikash Khandelwal and Ramesh

37. Whitefly Transmitting Geminiviruses are Major Threat in Cucurbits Cultivation

T. Tamilnayagan K. Elango and Nisha Pradeepa K


Published on :: 12.08.2018

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