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Closure of Registration under fast track on 10.02.2019 for March

Dear Readers,

We are in the process of finalising March issue of Readers Shelf so far as fast track articles are concerned. Some articles we have received and some are pending. The moment we receive the required number of articles under fast track we shall close the registration under this fast track system for March issue of Readers Shelf.

We have fixed 10.02.2019 the final date after which we shall not entertain any article under fast track for March issue.

It is therefore informed that if anybody is interested in getting the article published then he or she may send the article immediately, as, once we receive the required no. of articles (which are considered under this system) we may not be able to extend the date and we may close registration before 10.02.2019. We, as you are aware, follow the first come first serve system of considering the articles under this system.

This is for the information of all contributories of the articles.

Hon. Editor

Published on :: 31.01.2019

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