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Contents of March 2019 issue of Readers Shelf

Dear Readers ,

The following are the contents of Readers Shelf- a monthly magazine on Agriculture  Science and allied subjects- for the month of March 2019. The magazine, as usual, shall be dispatched in time and we expect the post office shall also deliver the same at Readersí door steps in time.

  1. Significance and Challenges of E-Nam  by Dr. K. Thomas Felix
  2. Pests of Silkworm by Dinesh Rajaram Hegde, J. Alfred Daniel and M. Mathialagan
  3. Soil less Cultivation of vegetable crops- a New and Advanced Method for Agriculture Development  by Sajal Debbarma*
  4. Insect Parasitoids and their classification  by J. Alfred Daniel, Dinesh Rajaram Hegde and M. Mathialagan
  5. Role of Farmscaping in Biointensive Pest Management  by Gaurang Chhangani
  6. Cultivation of Stevia by A. Anjaneyulu, Eggadi Ramesh Vamshi Krishna. S and Pavan. K
  7. Medicinal and Traditional Uses of Aloe-Vera in India  by Vamshi Krishna, S, Anjaneyulu, A, Pavan Kumar, K
  8. An Outlook Towards the Sleep Studies in Insects and Their Possible Impact in Pest Managemet  by Vignesh M,
  9. Modern Techniques of Citrus Fruit Harvesting  by Premkumariand Neeraja J
  10. Seed Potato Production with Special Reference to Aeroponics  by Koushik Saha and Arindam Das
  11. Role of Biofertilizers in Agriculture by Shaukeen Khan and Ram Narayan Ahirwar
  12. Quick Methods for Detection and Identification of Seed Borne Pathogens in Seed Gene Bank by Vinothini N
  13. Soil Solarization: Controlling the Soil Sickness  by Aakash Mishra, Pawan Kumar Pant and Pallavi Bhatt
  14. Enzyme Activities as Affected by Fertilization, Organic and Inorganic Amendments in Different Soils  by Srinivasa, D. K.
  15. Production Technology of Standard Chrysanthemum by Jitendra Kumar Tak*
  16. Hydrogel an Advance Technology in Agriculture by Priyanka Pannu
  17. Nanotechnology in Sustainable Agriculture  by Priyanka Pannu
  18. Climate Change and Its Impacts on Indian Horticulture and Mitigation Strategies by *Jitendra Kumar Tak
  19. Changing Pest Scenario in Cotton and Their Integrated Pest Management (IPM)  by Prashant K. Natikar
  20. Cultivation Area and Market of Chilly in India  by Dr. S. Arivarasan and K. Thomas Felix,
  21. Different Cool Season Turf Grasses  by Gawade Nagesh Vithu
  22. Fig Fruit and Its Uses  by Bharathkumar, Netravati and Vivek Anant Revankar
  23. Role of Beneficial Elements (Silicon and Cobalt) in Improving Crop Productivity  by Altaf Kuntoji., and Kiran, S.K.
  24. Advantages and Disadvantages of Simulation and Optimization Models by Neeraja J and Premkumari
  1. Role of Plant Quarantine in Pest and Disease Management by Arindam Das and Koushik Saha
  2. An Overview on Public Private Partnership  by I. Venkata Reddy
  3. Conservation Agriculture: What is it and why is it Important for Future Sustainable Food Production  by Kiran Pilli
  4. Morden Advances in Food Authenticity Testing by Dinesh Kumar Yadav
  5. Southern Blotting: A useful biotechnological technique for DNA detection by Subaran Singh and Supriya Ambawat
  6. Concepts of Eradication of Invasive Insect Pests  by Anjali M S, Rajashekhar Mandla
  7. Insect Pests in Forest Nursery: An Overview  by Sailesh Chattopadhyay
  8. Mega Diversity of Stingless Bees in India-An Opportunity to Be Earnest by  Anjali M S, Rajashekhar Mandla
  9. Mitigation Options for Greenhouse Gases from Agriculture  by Rohini, N. Meti., Prakasha, G. and Prathima, A. S
  10. Production and Health Benefits of food peptides by K. Shunmugapriya
  11. Agricultural Adjuvantsby Manjugouda I. Patil*, Basavarajeshwari R. Mathapati and Kavita Kotyal
Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 08.03.2019

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