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Contents of May issue of Readers Shelf

Dear Readers,

Following articles have been incorporated in the May 2019 issue of Readers Shelf.

1.       Stripe Rust of Wheat: Understanding the Shifty Enemy Deepshikha, Premabati and Jaiswal             4

2.       Micronutrient Deficiency and Corrections Measures in Coconut A. Anjaneyulu  7

3.       Value Addition in Marigold Pavan Kumar, A. Anjaneyulu , Vamshi Krishna and Eggadi Ramesh       8

4.       Methods of Seed Extraction: Solanaceous Vegetables Somashekar Gajjela and Eggadi Ramesh     10

5.       Wine! Just More Than Alcohol…. Ayeeshya Hasansab Kolhar             11

6.       Liquid Formulation of Biofertilizers Nivetha, N 12

7.       The Human Genome Project: Goals and Features Suhail Ahmed and Rahul Patil               14

8.       Mulberry Sericulture in Tamilnadu Prashant Natikar            15

9.       Isoelectric Focusing (IEF) and its Applicatin C. Tamilarasan               17

10.       Semi Dwarf (sd1) A Major Breakthrough in Green Revolution for Increasing the Rice Productivity Richa and Parmeshwar             19

11.       Ethylene in Host Pathogen Interactions Muttanna Revadi     20

12.       Contract Farmng Concepts and Future Prospects Ashish M. Shendurse             22

13.        Agricultural Project Management Ashish M. Shendurse       25

14.       Effect of Pathogens on Plant Metabolism Rahul Patil and Suhail Ahmed             27

15.       Role of Mulching in Vegetable Production Sajal Debbarma  29

16.       Function of Fat in the HindLeg i Gestruptiid Wasps (Hymenoptera Gestruptiidae) sudhanshu Bala Nayak and Shefali     31

17       Potential of Silicate Solubilising Microorganisms in Soil Prava Kiran Das          32

18.       Genetic Engineering Extended the Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables Vinothini N and Bhavyasree R.K.         34

19.       Insects as Evidence: Forensic Entomology S.Thangavel and J.N.Ptithiva          36

20.       Role of Endophytes in Pest Management Strategies S. Thangavel, J.N.Ptithiva and R.Rajesh           38

21.       Chamomile: Morphology, Bioactive Chemical Compounds and Its Medicinal Uses Souick Banik and C.S.Karthik            40

22.       Cross Protection: A Promising Management Strategy for Plant Viruses Prateek Ranjan Behera       42

23.       Photoperiodic and Chemical Induction of Flowering Gawade Nagesh Vithu        44

24.       Indegenous Technology of Tuber Crop Cultivation Sagarika Bhowmik and Sunil Kumar Yadav         45

25. Evolutionary Play of Flowering with Insects in an Ecological Theater Anjali M.S., Rajashekhar Mandla              46

26.       Digital India and Agriculture: The Power to Empower the Indian Farmers Sajana  Bennurmath and Kalal        48

27.       Conservation Agriculture: What is it and Why is it Important for Future Sustainable Food Production Kiran Pilli              50

28.        Push-Pull Strategy: Moron the Pests to Feed the People Dharmendra Meena and Himangini Joshi              52

29.        Edible Vaccine: A Way of Oral Immunization Suhail Ahmed, Rahul Patil and Chandramohan            54

30.        Significance of Nanotechnology in Agriculture Sanju Kumawat and Pushpa Kumawat       56

31.        Low Tunnel Cultivation Technique of Vegetable for Early Yield and Higher Prices K.S.Rajawat and J.K.Tak    58

32.        Aeroponic in Floriculture Mangaiyarkarasi and Arunkumar 60

33.        Major Physiological Disorders in Flower Crops Veluru Bhargav          62

34.        Whitegrubs and their Management R.Muthu 64

Published on :: 10.05.2019

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