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Contents of the Magazine Readers Shelf-April 2020 issue

Dear Readers,
The following articles have been considered and taken in the Readers Shelf - for the month of April 2020.
1. Natural Enemies of Fall Army-worm In India by Repalle Naganna
2. Importance of Insect Ecology in Integrated Pest Management by Krishnappa Biradarpatil and Basavaraj Patil
3. Fertilizer Related Problems by P.Ramamoorthy and S. Thirumeninathan
4. Behooveful Action of Adventitious Roots by S.Sapthagiri, P.Kunjammaland G. Srinivasan
5. Bionomics, Biology and Management of Storage Pests of Bruchidae by Yogapriya A
6. Neutral Electrolyzed Water (NEW): A Novel Sanitizer for Fruits and Vegetables by Sawant Sanket R, Anjali Sudhakr and Abhinav Dubey
7. Present Scenario of Bee Keeping in India Gaurang Chhangani, Anil Vyas and M.K. Mahla
8. Yield Estimation by Priyanka Swamy
9. Pre-Breeding in Rice S.Anandhi Lavanya and N.Vairam
10. Ultrasound and its Applications in Food Processing by SheshraoKautkar, Rehana Raj , Amit Kumar Patil and Monika Satankar
11. Speed Breeding : To Feed the Boosting Populations of the World by Akash Gaurav Singh
12. Fascinating facts about Fireflies by Niranjanadevi J
13. Do Insects Sleep? By Niranjanadevi J
14. Bio-Fortified Fruit Crops: A Way to Overcome Malnutrition by Kishor Prabhakar Panzade
15. Why Bt-Brinjal Needed for Indian Farmers?by Kishor Prabhakar Panzade
16. Natural Remedies against Ringworm in Ruminants Krutika Khiratkar and Dr.Swati Umap
17. Natural Ways to Fight Ectoparasites in Dogs by Krutika Khiratkar and Dr.Swati Umap
18. Post Harvest Technology of Aloe Vera by S. Sowmiya
19. High Density Planting and Meadow Orchard System in Fruit Crops by Shashi
20. Principles, Reasons and Benefits of Organic Farming A.Sowbika and G.Srinivasan
21. Role of Microoranisms in Soil Fertility by S.Mohapatra and C. R. Mahapatra
22. Food Waste Management by S.Moghana Lavanya and S.sowmiyaa
23. Herbal Extracts as Edible Coatings in Shelf Life Extension of Fruits and Vegetables by Gouthami Shivaswamy., Gouthami Y., Bharathkumar A and Prasad Patil
24. Pressurized Argon Treatment on Quality and Shelf Life of Minimally Processed Products by Prasad Patil Gouthami Shivaswamy, Gouthami Y and Bharathkumar A
25. Biochips: An Overview of Miniaturized Laboratories by Ahmed Aquib and Rahul Anand
26. Brown Manuring – A better Version of Green Manuring by Arivukodi, S, Syed Abul Hassan Hussainy and Indhu Mathi, D
27. Red Palm Weevil – Management Practices by Indhu Mathi, D, Syed Abul Hassan Hussainy and Arivukodi, S
28. Molecular Approaches for Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Cereals by Alpesh Patel
29. Fruit Leather by Shaik Jakeer Basha, Shwetha Acharya
30. Use of Paper Mulch in Vegetable Production byMithlesh Kumari Meena, Hansa Choudhary, Jitendra Kumar Tak and Kuldeep Singh Rajawat


Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 09.04.2020

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