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Contents of August 2020 issue of Readers Shelf

Dear Readers,

The following are the contents of August 2020 issue of Readers Shelf. The utmost care has been taken in finalising the same but the uploaded magazine shall be final for all purposes:

1.       Harvest Indices, Harvest Factors and Stages of Flower Crops by Arunkumar P and Mangaiyarkarasi, R

2.       Flavor Potentiators by Reethu and Umaseema

3.       Noni (Morinda Citrifolia L)- A Wonderful Fruit for Wellness by Patil, Jagadeesh, Gouthami, Gouthami,Bharat 8 Prebiotics, Probiotics and Synbiotics by Gouthami, Y, Jagadeesh, , Gouthami, S., Patil

4.       Artificial Intelligence in Food Processing by Gouthami, Y, Jagadeesh, , Gouthami, S., Patil

5.       Insects as Bio-indicators of Environmental Pollution by Mogili, Prasanthi and Hitesh

6.       Biosensors by Rahul Anand, Ahmed Aquib and Somya Singh

7.       Mutation Breeding-A Variation Breeding by Somya Singh and Rahul Anand

8.       Stop the World War with Insects by P.M.Sangle, Naziya P.Pathan,Kameshwar P.Patel

9.       Pesticide Residues in Food Commodities, Degradation and their Management by Krishnappa Biradarpatil and Basavraj Patil

10.   Pesticide Residues in Food Commodities, Degradation and their Management by Krishnappa Biradarpatil and Basavraj Patil

11.   Bioactive Constituents of Kokum and Health Benefits by Patil, Jagadeesh, Gouthami Y, Gouthami S, Bharathkumar

12.   Different Techniques Employed to Reduce Antinutritional Compounds in Vegetables by Chandini, Praveenkumar, Sudesh, Bharathkumar

13.   Organic Certification- Importance and Process of Certification by G. Shashikala and B.Reddy Yamini

14.   Fertility Problems in Acid Sulphate Soils by P.Gayathri

15.   Seed Health Testing by Vedashree, Shubha K.T., Jagadish Hosamani

16.   Hydrogel: A Minituare Water Reservoir by Versha Pandey

17.   Precision Farming (Satellite Farming) by Sudesh, Anjanappa, Chandini and Praveen

18.   Grafting Technique in Brinjal: An Alternate way to Manage Bactarial Wilt by Praveen, Anjanappa, Chandini and Sudesh

19.   Neonicotinoids Impact on Honey Bees by Kuldeep Sharma and G N Niranjana

20.   Zero Energy Cool Chamber: A Low Cost Storage Structure for Vegetable and Fruits by Palli Venkata Santosh Kumar

21.   Effect of Cover Crops towards Sustainable Soil and Crop Management by P.Kunjammal, Sapthagiri and Lokanandhan

22.   Vegetative Insecticidal Proteins from Bacillus Thuringenesis: A Novel Tool in Pest Management by A Vasudha and M.Sreedhar

23.   Comprehensive Understanding of Seed Suicidal Technology: Terminator Technology by Subhash, Neeraj Maneet and Nitish

24.   Entrepreneurship Development through Agripreneurship in India by Harpreet Sodhi and Bhanupriya Choyal

25.   Nutrascutical Breeding Prospects in Red Rice by Pampaniya, Kacha, Makwana and Chana

26.   Scope and Need of Leaf Colour Chart (LCC) in Nitrogen Management in Rice Crop by Kacha, Panpaniya, Makwana and Chetariya

27.   Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity Issues by Harpreet Sodhi and Bhanupriya Choyal

28.   Reverse Breeding by Rahul Anand and Somya Singh

29.   Effect of Light and CO2 on Growth of Various Vegetables in Greenhouse by Varshini, S.V.

30.   Integrated FarmingSystem in Ecological Sound Agriculture by Anusha R.

31.   Essence of Unemployment Problem in India by V.Keerthana and K.Maniknandan

32.   Enhancement of Soil Health by Applicatin of Biochar by Nandini Roy and Soumojit Majumdar

33.   Millets: Nutritional and Nutraceutical Grains by Piyush Choudhary and Jitendra Kumar Tak

34.   Nano Agricutlure-Need of Today by Jyoti Kumari and Rahul Anand

35.   Lab on a Chip (Microfluid by Sonali Kumari

Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 04.08.2020

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