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Contents of November 2020 issue of Readers Shelf

Dear Readers,

The following are the contents of Readers Shelf for the month of November 2020. Utmost care has been taken but in case you find any error please feel free to mail us the error so that we may improve upon that:

Contents of November 2020 issue of Readers Shelf

1.    Health Benefits of Mulberry by Prashant Natikar and Muniswamyreddy

2.    Package of Practice for Mulberry Cultivation under Rainfed and Irrigated Condition by Prashant Natikar and Muniswamyreddy

3.    Antinutritional Factors: Enzyme Inhibitors and Hormonal Inhibitors by Chandini, Praveen, Sudesh and Bharathkumar

4.    Role of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) on Plant Growth by Mukesh Kumar Sheshma and Dhanni Devi

5.    Growing Media Used in Vegetable Nursery by Sudesh, Chandinin ,Anjanappa, and Praveenkumar

6.    Solubilization of Potassium by Microorganism for Effective Plant Growth by Sureshkumar, Karthika, Priyanka and Rajasekar

7.    The Medicinal Sugar: Jaggery by S.Mohan

8.    Assessment of Land Degradation Due to Water Erosion Using Remote Sensing and GIS by Janarth, Sivakumar, Kumaraperulamand Karthik

9.    Plant Root Microbiome and its Interaction with Beneficial Microbes by amesh Kanna, M.

10.  Rhizosphere: A Microbiome for Plant Soil Interaction by Pragyan, Dhaneshwar and Gayatri

11.  Liquid Biofertilizers by Akansha Singh and Vipin Kumar

12.  Root Knot Nematode Infestation: A Threat to Horticultural Crops by Poonam V.Tapre and Bhumika Patel

13.   Cane Fruit (Calamus Tenius Roxb): An Underutilized Minor Fruit Crop by Senjam, Chamling and Parameshwar

14.  Birds- The Possible Locust Solution by Krishnaveni, Parthasarathi and Chandrakumar

15.   Application of Nanotechnology in Agriculture by Raghu, R.S.

16.   Nutritional and Health Value of Traditional Food: Need to Incorporate in Daily Use by Rishi, Deepika, Mahipal and Faisal

17.   Finger Millet for Nutritional Security and Value Addition: An Overview by Deepika, Mahipal and Rishi Richa

18.   Rice: its Types and Medicinal Uses of Different Varities by Arunkumar P and Mangaiyarkarasi, R

19.   Remote Sensing Technology to Assess Cotton Diseases by P.Valarmathi

20.   WOLBACHIA: A Potential Technology to Control Insect Population by Jamunarani, Muddasar, Harshita, Asangi

21.   Japanese Garden - Types and Features by Neelima Palagani

22.   Integrated Disease Management in Organic Agriculture by R.Priyanka and R.Suresh Kumar

23.   Botany and Chemistry of Hops by Subha Laxmi and Gargi Gautami

24.   Genetically Modified Baculoviruss in Insect Pest Management by Vasudha and M.Sreedhar

25.   Protect against Plant Pathogens in Crops by Indusing Molecules by P.Lakshmidevi

26.  Remote Sensing and Its Application in Agriculture by Versha Pandey

27.  Flavour Production in Fermented Foods by Ummeseema and Reethu

28.   Downregulation of Bacterial Transcription by 6S RNA by Bindushree,C

29.   Ergot and Ergotism by Sudha, A

30.   Vertical Farming: A Boon Technology for the Indoor Farming by E.Sujitha

31.   Enhancing Creativity in Organisations by G.Naveen Kumar

32.   Role of Gene Silencing in Insects Pest and their Implication by Monica Jat

33.   Management of Fruit Flies in Cucurbits (Ribbed Gourd) by Vijayalakshmi, Varshini, Maharani and Maniknandan

34.   Sooty Mold of Coconut and their Management by  Maharani Maniknandan, Vijayalakshmi and Varshini

35.   About Natural Vegetation in Watershed of Madurai Distric, Tamilnadu by K Kalaichelvi and J.Prabhaharan

Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 05.11.2020

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