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Contents of June 2022 issue of Readers Shelf

Dear Readers,
The following articles have been incorporated in Readers Shelf, a monthly magazine with ISSN no., for the month of June 2022:
1.    Use of Ergonomics Advantage in Agriculture by Ruchi Pareek..
2.       Vertical Farming: concepts, Techniques and Advantages by Amisha Choudhary and Ram Singh Choudhary
3.       Applications of Molecular Markers in Crop Improvement by Kavitha Reddy
4.       Sustainable Choices to Reduce Per Capita Water Consumption by Ruchi Pareek
5.       A Review on Immune Boosting Bovine Colostrum-Defence Food by Swapna Sree Meduri, P S Geetha  and E Pasupathi.
6.       Aircraft for Crop Pest Management by Tumma Mounika
7.       Water Footprint: A Measuring Tool for Natural Resource Management by Ruchi Pareek
8.       India: Issues and Priorities for Agriculture by Amisha Choudhary and Ram Singh Choudhary
9.       Application of Rhizotron as Tool in Agriculture by Manimaran G, Gokila B, Ramaswamy V and Shivakumar, K.
10.   Applications and Future Prospects of Nanofertilizers by Bindhu and Zaheer Ahmed
11.   Boom or Burst Cycle by Sudha A
12.   Intercropping with Legumes: A Way to Climate Change Adaptation by S.P.Sangeetha and S.V.Varshini.
13.   Effect of Municipal Solid Waste on Soil Properties by M.Bhargava Narshimha Yadav and G.R.Vishwas Gowda
14.   High Throughput Phenotypin in Crop Improvement Programmes by Aditya Pratap Singh and Pekila Bhutia
15.   Role of Azospirillium as Bio Fertilizer-An Overview by A.Premalatha and S. Saravanakumar

This is for the information and convenience of the concerned.

Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 04.06.2022

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