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Increase in no. of pages in magazine

Dear Readers,
We are and have been receiving patronage from the readers community in such a way that the no. of receipt of articles has increased to a great extent. The number of pages were 60 till May 2016 and we had to accommodate the articles within that. This has resulted in increase in complaints of non incorporation of articles in the magazine for a long time and we felt that some of the articles were really not incorporated in the magazine for a long time due to lack of space available. 

We are also interested in resolving this problem and we had no option except to increase the number of pages in the magazine. However, due to certain limitations we could not do the same at an early date as the increase in number of pages will increase the cost and in turn we will be forced to increase the subscription charges. We deliberated on the matter for quite some time and now it has been decided to increase the no. of pages in the magazine from June onwards without increasing the subscription charges for the time being.

The news in this regard has been published in the magazine of May issue which we expect will reach the subscribers withing next eight to ten days.

However, we are to inform that we propose to increase the subscription charges by September 2017 so that the new entrants may get an opportunity to subscribe the magazine at the current rate till September 2017.
We hope the subscriber and the contributories will appreciate our this action so that more and more articles may be incorporated and the complaints may be reduced to a great extent.


Published on :: 08.05.2017

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