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Contents of June 2017 issue of Readers Shelf

Dear Readers, 
The following are the contents of June issue of Readers Shelf

1. Integrated Pest Management in Guava                Pitchaimurugan, M. and Tirumuru Ganesh

2. Site-Specific Approach of Weed Management       Aakash Mishra

3. Bee pollination under Organic and Conventional Farming  Madhurima Vinod and Basamma Hadimani

4. Southern Blight on Tomatoes               R.Dheepa

5. Flow Cytometry and Molecular Plant Breeding      Nalin K. Pagi

6. Importance of Potassium in Fruit Production         Mangesh Daberao, Kuntal Satkar, Pritha Ghosh and U.R.Reshma

7. Grafting Technique in Vegetables        Desh Raj Choudhary and Arjun Lal Regar

8. Pitcher Irrigation Technology for Vegetables Production: A Water Saving Technology          Neeraj Singh, Akshay Chittora and Pooja Pandey

9. Nitrate Pollution: Threat to Human Health             Pankaj Nagpal

10. Market Led Extension: The Need of the Hour     Girawale V. B., Chaudhari D. P. and Pandya D. H.

11. Role and Effect of Environmental Carbon Dioxide (CO2) on Insect Life               K. D. Shah and S. R. Dhandge

12. Termites Damage and its Control        .Sangareswari Nagajothi and B.Palanikumaran

13. Know your Sugarcane by-Products and its Uses                Jeetendra Kumar Soni

14. Allele Mining: Approaches and Prospects           Nalin K. Pagi

15. Diapause: A Survival Strategy            Satyapriya Singh

16. Significance of Antinutritional Factors and Mode of their Detoxification in Pulses                D.Kavithamani and S.Geetha

17. Chitinase in Pest Management           Madhurima Vinod and Basamma Hadimani

18. Identification of Different Groups of Insect Pathogens and Their Symptoms of Infection     Seema Tripathy, Mohanisha Janghel and Bhagyashree Khamari

19. Few Entomophages Useful in Crop Pest Management       Nikita S. Awasthi and Varun Saini

20. Interaction of Plant Viruses with Whitefly            P. S. Wadaskar, J. B. Bhut and S. R. Dhandge

21. Preformed Antimicrobial Compounds/ Phytoanticipins        

E. Madhu Sudhanan, S. Mohan, M. Jegadesswaran and N. Vishnu Varthini

22. Lectins: An Insecticidal Protein            S. Routray

23. Weather based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS)              Brijbhooshan, Didal, V. K. and Shalini

24. Production of Biopesticide Azadirachtin from Neem (Azadirachta indica) through Plant Tissue Culture Techniques             Ronak R. Prajapati

25. Recent Approaches on Biological Nitrogen Fixation through Para Nodulation      Ronak R. Prajapati

26. Biofortification: A Novel Approach to Tackle Malnutrition     Anil Kumar Verma, Dinesh Jinger and Brijesh Yadav

27. Soil erosion: A Harmful Impact on Agriculture      Chetan Kumar Jangir, Dheeraj Panghaal and D. P.


28. Resource Conserving Technologies (RCTs) for Sustaining Agricultural Production              Rupesh Kumar Meena, Mahendar Singh Bhinda

29. Major Diseases of Guava and their Integrated Management              Tirumuru Ganesh and Pitchaimurugan, M.

30. Application of Viruses in Biological Control of Insect Pest    Irfan Khan, Roop Singh and M. K. Yadav

31. Pesticide Residues: A Threat to Living Beings    B. Khamari, A. Roy and S. Tripathy


Published on :: 16.06.2017

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