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Contents of July 2017 issue of Readers shelf

Dear Readers,
This is for your information that the following articles have been incorporated in the month of July 2017 issue of Readers shelf:

1.      e-NAM: Innovative Paradigm in Agricultural Marketing  R. M Jadeja and S. J. Parmar

2.      Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus as an Ecofriendly Component of IPM  Anil Meena, Monika Meena, Rajesh Kumar Meena and B.M. Meena

3.      Termites: An Economic Polyphagous Pest their Behaviour and Management in Agricultural Crops  Anil Meena, Monika Meena, Brajmohan Meena and Rajesh Kumar Meena

4.      Association Mapping for Crop Improvement  Kailash Chandra, Omprakash, Gobu R and Rohit Sharma

5.      Integrated Disease Management (IDM) Rajesh Kumar Meena and B. L. Roat

6.      Diseases Management – Principles  Rajesh Kumar Meena

7.      Applications of Molecular Markers in Crop Improvement  Dr. Sushil Kumar and Rupal Dhoot

8.      Genomics and Genome Annotation Dr. Sushil Kumar and Rupal Dhoot

9.      A Trichoderma: Biological Weapons against Soil Borne Plant Pathogens  Tushar Mishra and S.S. Shirsole

10.  Production Technology of Ridge Gourd and Sponge Gourd  Akshay Chittora Neeraj Singh and Umesh Kumar Dhakad

11.  DUS Testing Guidelines for Maize  K. Satish

12.  India Towards Organic Revolution  V. Kavitha

13.  Seed Dormancy  Dr. Sunil S. Patil and Dr. Mangesh R. Thakur

14.  Two Line Breeding in Rice Dixita K. Patel, J. R. Patel, K. N. Prajapati and N. V.Soni

15.  Marketing of Spices in India  C. V. Viraja and K. U. Mungalpara

16.  Conservation Agriculture: Principles and its Strategies  Mirza I.A.B. and Khazi G.S.

17.  Role of Mineral Nutrients in Plant Diseases  B. Khamari, A. Roy and S. Tripathy

18.  Contract Farming: An Overview  Dalvi M. V.

19.  SWOT Analysis  Dr. Sumit R. Salunkhe, Dr. Netravathi G and Prof. Deepa B. Hiremath

20.  Different Types of Tree Seeds and their Treatment Skills Dr. B. Palanikumaran and M. Sangareswari Nagajothi

21.  A Look on NITI Aayog through Economic Prism  Sheela Kharkwal, Arsha Balakrishnan and Balaganesh G.

22.  Edible Vaccines: A Novel Approach To Immunization  Mahendar Singh Bhinda and Rupesh Kumar Meena

23.  Vegetable Grafting Technique: Brinjal and Tomato  Mr. V. N. Kapadia

24.  Tilling and Ecotilling in Crop Improvement M. Jegadesswaran, S. Mohan, N. Vishnu Varthini and E. Madhu Sudhanan

25.  Double Haploid Breeding in Wheat  Bhuriya, A.P., Rathava, P., Rathava, A.

26.  Role of Antioxidants in Plant Disease Management  Basamma Hadimani and Madhurima Vinod

27.  Marker Assisted Selection (MAS): A Paradigm Shift in Rice Breeding  K. N. Prajapati, Dixita K. Patel, J. R. Patel and N. V. Soni

28.  Biofumigation  Roop Singh, Deshraj Gurjar, Irfan Khan and M. K. Yadav

29.  Mechanisation in Indian Agriculture  Nithin, K. N.

30.  Need of Drying and Dehydration in Fruit Crops  Kuntal Satkar, Pritha Ghosh, U.R. Reshma and Mangesh Daberao

31.  Pesticide Residues: A Threat to Living Beings B. Khamari, A. Roy and S. Tripathy

32.  Constraints Prospects and Strategies of Bioherbicide  Harishankar

33.  Photoselective Shade Netting Technologies for Enhanced Performance of Vegetable Crops  N. Rohini


Published on :: 13.07.2017

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