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Revision of Subscription charges- effective from Vol.14

Dear Readers,

With this communication we would like to inform you that we have increased number of pages from June 2017  onward. We did not increase the subscription charges but proposed to increase from September. However, we did not make the revised charges effective from September and postponed it for a month (till October 2017) since from October the Volume no. will be 14.

Earlier the charges were increased in June 2015 and for the past more than two years the cost of paper, postage and other charges have increased many fold.Now, the management has finalized the proposal to revise the charges keeping in view such increase in cost. 

It was finalized to keep the charges to Rs.500/- for twelve issues (although the proposal was for Rs.600/- for twelve issues) effective from the subscription which are received on or after 11.09.2017 i.e. subscription from October,2017.

Please note the Readers Shelf will enter into 14th years of its Journey from October 2017 and the October issue will be issue no. 1 volume no.14.

We hope the readers would appreciate the step taken by the management for better services from our side.

We assure all readers that the step of increasing the number of pages was taken just to accommodate more and more articles of readers. You will feel happy to know that now we are incorporating more than 33 articles per issue which has resulted in reducing the back log too and the complaint of non publishing of articles have reduced to a great extent.

Your co-operation and support is expected in the same manner in which it used to be earlier.



Published on :: 01.09.2017

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