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Contents of September 2017 issue

Dear Readers,

The following articles have been incorporated in the September issue of Readers Shelf:

1.        Resistance Starch: Boost Human Health as Ingrediants of Functional Foods

Vivek Chandra Verma.

2.        Agrobecterium Tumefaciens: Mechanism of T-DNA Transfer into Plant Cell

Ghevariya, Chavda, Parekh and Desai

3.        Rugose Spiralling Whitefly (RSW)

Murugasridevi and Shanmuga Prema

4.        Importanceof Fodder Cultivation in Dairying

Umamageswari and Bhakthavatsalam

5.        Use of Natural Products for Purification of Drinking Water

Priyadarshini and Rajamani

6.        Genetic Engineering for Pollination control through Male Sterility

Maisuria, Kapadia and Pitambara

7.        Development and Application in Food Processing

Butti Prabhakar and Shivashankar Sanganamoni

8.        Doubling Farmer's Income by 2022

Brijbhooshan, Didal and shalini

9.        Different Quality parameters of Important Bulb and Root Vegetables

Sumalatha and Mallesh..........................................

10.     Microencapsulatoin- Methods and Applications in Food Processing

Sanganamoni and Prabhakar

11.     Spine Gouard (Monordica Dioica ROXB a Minor Vegetable with Extraordinary Medicinal Value

Mallesh and Sumalatha

12.     Diseases of Vegetable Crops under Protected Cultivation          

Wagh, Kotgire and Damer

13.     Biofertilizers-Types and their Application

Ankush and Vikram singh.......................................

14.     Soil Health Card

Didal, Brijbhoosan and Shalini

15.     An Overview of Plant Fertilization

Ankush and Vikram Singh

16.     Mechanism of Variability in Plant Pathogens and its Assessment

Maharshi, Swami and Singh

17.     Artificial Chromosome Constructions and its Uses

Devender Sharma and Parul Sharma

18.     In Vitro Haploid : A Novel Tool for Vegetable Breeding

Pampaniya and Rathod

19.     Dynamics of Nanobiotechnology for Protection and Nutrition of Crop Plants

Hirpara and Gajera

20.     Techniques to Enhance Carbon Sequetration in Soil

Sahu, Vedhika

21.     Crop Rotation is a Systematic Approach in Organic Farming

More, S.G

22.     Vermicompost: Queen of Compost

Dotaniya, Meena dn Bhinda

23.     In Vivo Haploid- A Novel Tool for Maize Breeding Using Inducer Technique

Rathore, Pampaniya and Sangani

24.     Marketing Strategies

Neelamma R Kolageri

25.     Bioinformatics : A Modern Multidisciplinary Field of Biology

Kadam and Rasam

26.     Biochar : The Future of Agriculture

Paul, Biyyani and Santosh

27.     Gender and Alternate Livelihood Options

Hiremath, Nethravathi and Sumit

28.     Assessment of Effect of Natural Enemies

Damre, Kotgire and Wagh......................................

29.     Pod Borer in Pulses and Their Management

Subhashree and Sumita

30.     Recent Advances in Conservation of Natural Enemies

Mishra, Chauhan, Kumar and Singh

31.     Effects of Climate Change on Wheat Development and Grain Quality

Sumita and Subhashree

32.     Green Cane Trash Blanketing: A Way to Sustainable Sugarcane Production

Thakur and Patil

33.     Impact of Molecular Markers in Horticultural Crops

Kalariay and Patel


Published on :: 08.09.2017

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