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Contents of January 2018 issue

Dear Readers,

The following are the titles of the articles which have been incorporated in the January 2018 issue of Readers Shelf. The name of authors etc. not provided in the list.
  1. Acceptance of GM Mustard DMS 11  A Debatable Issue
  2. Participatory Plant Breeding for Enhancing Crop Genetic Diversity
  3. Soyabean  Package and Practices for Higher Production
  4. Diseases of Cotton crop
  5. Seed Village Programme for Farmers
  6. Use of Arthropods in Forensic Science
  7. RNA Silencing: Defense and Counter Defense
  8. Water Scarcity Solution in Rajasthan
  9. Use of DNA Barcoding in Microbial Texonomy
  10. Horse Gram: Boon for Health
  11. Organic Food Industry: Growth and Future Potential
  12. Chilli Leaf Curl Virus
  13. Reverse Breeding
  14. Herbicide Resistance in Weeds: a Major….
  15. Medicinal Importance of Stevia Plant
  16. Improvement of Crop Plants for Nitrogen Use Efficience(NUE) Using Genetic Engineering
  17. Role of Live Stock in Indian Economy
  18. Cisgenesis
  19. Application of Nanotechnology in Horticulture: A Window to the Future
  20. Micro and Macro Satellites: Applications in Precision Farming
  21. Improve Seed Quality by Plasma Treatment
  22. Nanoclay- Polymer Composites: a Potential Alternative to Conventional Fertilizers
  23. Baranaja System of Farming: Utilizing Diversity in Agriculture for Sustainability
  24. Nematodes Mushrooms Amalgamation (Steps towards Biological Sustainability)
  25. Metabolomics Approach in Crop Improvement
  26. Nested Association Mapping Population
  27. Root Knot Nematode-A Threat to Barley Production
  28. Application of Genetic Engineering in Insect Pathogens
  29. Hub of Biofuel Production: A Case of Pongamia
  30. Nano Technology and its Application in Agriculture
  31. Jatropha- A Promising Biofuel Crop
  32. Mealybugs Infesting Major Crops and their Management
  33. Splat- An Eco Friendly Insect Pest Management Emulsion
  34. GM Crops: A Way to Boost Farmers Income
  35. Kiwi Farming and its Health Benefits
  36. Quorum Sensing: Microbial Telecommunication

 Total 36 articles have been incorporated in the magazine. The magazine is being dispatched on 11.01.2018 which we expect will reach the readers within next seven to ten days.


Published on :: 10.01.2018

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