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Contents of February 2018 issue of Readers shelf

Quroum Quenching: Implications of Novel Antimicrobial Therapeutics to  Hirpara and Gajera

Farmer Produces Organisations: An Overview Makarabbi, Balaganesh, Shruthi and Bhawar

Stay Green Trait: It s Significance in Crop Improvement Sunayana

Agri-Tourism: an Overview  Balaganesh, Balakrishnan and Kharkwal

Physiological and Biochemical Responses of Fruit Trees to Pruning Subhash Chander

Role of Plant Lectins in Control of Phytophagous Insects Elango, Pradeepa , Tamilnayagan and Lakshmi

Conservation of Crops Wild Relatives and its Utility Usharani, K.S.

CRISPR: A Technology that Edits and Organsims Genome Patel and Baraiya

Alien species as the Source of Rust Resistance Parul and Devender

Impact of Climate change on Soil Properties Jami and Babu Rao

Salinity Stress and Sustainable Agriculture Baburao and Jami

Benefits of Neem Coated Urea Bornali Borah and Pusarla Susmitha

Factors influencing Seed Storeage Pusarla Susmitha and Bornali Borah

Crop Protection in Groundnut Kotramma, Choudhary and Sipai

Tospo Viruses: A Real Threat for Agricultural and Horticultural Crops Saroj Shirsole and Tushar Mishra

Antioxidants: Protection against Free Radicals and its Pertinence to Therapeutic ……… Vivek Chandra Verma

Zinc Solubilizing Microbes: Promising Solution in Enhancing Zinc Availability Nitesh Kumar Singh and Yukti Verma

Small RNAs: Agricultural Prominence and its Significance R. Subramanian and Sunil Shivananjappa

Role of Extension in Creating Awareness among Consumers about Small Millets Health Benefits Amrutha and Chikkathimme Gowda

Joint Action of Insecticides M. Jahnavi

Problem Soils and their Management C.Sharmila Rahale

Road Blocks in Adoption of IPM Programmes in Farmers Sunil Kumar Yadav and Shweta Patel

Study of Crambidae  Spilomelinae: Pyraloidea Pests of Occurring on Amaranthus from Tamilnadu S.Rathikannu and N. Chitra

Physiological Functions and Disorders of Macro Nutrients S. Sathiyaraj and D. Rajarajan

Plant Genome Editing Tool: CRISOR/Cas-9 Maisuria and Sushil Kuamr

Green Manuring Jena and Pradhan

Agriculture Education is in a Poor State: ICAR must be Revamped Giravale V.B.

Coal Fly Ash- To Improve the Physical and Physico-chemical Properties of Soil Theresa and Rabeena

Role of Pochonia Chalmydosporia against Plant Parasitic Nematodes Ashok Kumar and Rajesh Kumar

Seed Banking Neelamma R. Kolageri

RNAi- A Modern Biotechnological Tool-Mechanism and Applications Ghevariya, Parekh, Desai and Chavda

Management Practices for Increasing the Productivity and Nutrient Use Efficiency….. Prakash, Prathima and Rohini

Plastic Mulching for Crop Production Choudhary, Didal, Brijbhoosan and Natwaria

Entomopathogenci Nematodes in Pest Management Prithiva, Vijailakshmi and Elango

Next Generation Sequencing for Crop Improvement Kalaria, R.K.

A Glimpse of Nomuraea rileyi- Potential Microbial Insecticide Patel and Raghunandan

Traits of Migratory Syndrome in Insects Srinivasa and Poddar


Published on :: 12.02.2018

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