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Contents of March 2018 issue of Readers Shelf

Dear Readers,

The following articles have been incorporated in the March 2018 issue of Readers Shelf:
  1. Diapause in Insects
  2. Sago Industry Effluent and Their Role in Carbon Trading
  3. Nanoparticle Based Optical Probes for Metal ion Sensing
  4. New Plant Growth Regulator: Karrikins
  5. Potentially Active Metabolites from Rhizospheric Soil of Mangroves
  6. Leaf Reddening in Cotton and its Management
  7. Empoweverment: A Spot Light on Indian Women
  8. Important Diseases of Tomato and their Management
  9. Use of Radio Isotpes in Fruit Nutrition
  10. Scope and Challenges of Floriculture in India
  11. Soil Health Building: Assessment and Management
  12. Single Seed Descent (SSD) Method
  13. Induction of Germination in Tectona Grandis
  14. Application of Total Factor Productivity….
  15. Conservation Agriculture: A Viable and Feasible alternative to Conventional Agriculture
  16. Molecular Farming
  17. Physiological Disorders and Management of Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Crops
  18. Ideotypes in Agriculture
  19. Role of Nematode Cutical in Microbial Interactions
  20. DNA Barcoding: A Molecular Diagnostic Tool for Nematodes
  21. Insect Pest and Disease Management……
  22. Agroforestry as an Option for Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change
  23. Zinc and Silicon Solubilizing Bacteria
  24. Papaya Seed Productin Technique
  25. Enrichment of Micronutrients in Rice through Biofortification
  26. Polyembroyony in Fruit Crops
  27. New Plant Growth Regulator : Karrikins
  28. Paper Mulches and their Uses in Vegetable Crops
  29. Potato : an Important Commercial Crop of India
  30. Hurdle Technology: An Approach for Food Preservation
  31. The Rugose Spiraling Whitefly (RSW)……
  32. Xanthomonas Wilt: A New Bacterial Wilt Disease in Banana
  33. Micrografting in Fruit Crops
  34. Management of Blackfly……………………
  35. Application of Micro Grafting in Vegetable Crops

Published on :: 10.03.2018

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