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Contents of Readers Shelf April 2018 issue

Dear Readers,
The following are the titles of the articles, with authors name, which have been incorporated in the issue of Readers Shelf for the month of April 2018:

1.      The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is not Ignorance, It is the Illusion of Knowledge By Sharma and Sharma.

2.      Potassium Solubilising Biofertilizer By Shilpa S.M.

3.      Grewia Optiva Drumm.ex Burr: An Important Multipurpose Tree for Garhwal Himalaya By Prajapati and Chavda

4.      Plastics: Road to a New Future By Priyadharshini, Rajamani and Sen

5.      Improving Crop Productivity in Water Limited and Water Logged Environment By Rohini, Prathima and Prakasha

6.      Seed Banking By Neelamma R. Kolageri

7.      Duck Rearing as a Component of Integrated Farming System in Wetland Condition By Rajeshkumar and Ashokkumar

8.      Control of Salmonella Contamination in Poultry Products by Using Plant ExtractsByPonbhagavath

9.      Role of Growth Regulators in Plant Disease Development By Jabbar Sab and Maruti

10.  Role of Resistance (R) Genes in Plant Pathogenesis By Jayappa and Gowri

11.  Garden Cress Seeds: A Non Conventional Nutraceutical Food Ingrediant for………By K.Shunmugapriya

12.  Crop Insurance Schemes: Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna (PMFBY) By Bellundagi and Hamsa

13.   Gene Prediction through Bioinformatics By Maisuria, Rukhsar and Sushil Kumar

14.  Coir Pith: An Ideal Soilless Substrate for Green House Crop Production By Rout, Padhan and Rajeshwaran

15.  Antioxidants in Vegetable Crops and their Health Benefits By Utpal Das, Suma and Bhattacharjee

16.  Crop Establishment Techniques in Redgram By Prathima, Prakasha and Rohini

17.  Organic Farming By Jena and Pradhan

18.  Direct Benefit Transfer n Fertiliser By Gadad, Shigihalli and Doddamani

19.  Environmental Factors Affecting Growth and Yield By Bollaveni, Pittala and Babu Rao

20.  Role of Botanicals in Plant Disease Management By Anupam Maharshi

21.  Precisioni Agriculture By Pittala, Bollaveni, Kumar and Naveen

22.  A Common Disease: Powdry Mildew of Pea By Tushar Mishra

23.  Tempreature Sensing and Signalling in Plants By Neetu Chandra and Dheeraj Chatti

24.  Heliconia: An Exhotic Flower By Nellipalli Vinod Kumar

25.  Mango Thrips: A constraint in Mango Production By Ranvir Singh

26.  Humus and Soil Fertility By Rajamani, Priyadharshini and Sen

27.  Role of Pest Free Area in Exporting the Commodity By Savaliya, Shekhada, Shinde and Patel

28.   Residual Effect of Herbicides on Aquatic Eco System By Rajiv Dubey

29.   Niger and Honveybee Relationship By Prashant B Sandipan

30.   BT Cotton in India-Problems and Future Prospects By Bharat Taindu Jain and Manav

31.   DELLA Proteins: The Molecular Basis of Green Revolutin and its Uses in Cereal Breeding By Patidar and Subhash Chand

32.   African Rice Allele : A Good Soiurce for Thermotolerance in Rice By Patidar and Subhash Chand

33.   Ivy Gourd and its Health Benefits By Shigihalli, Doddamani and Gadad

34.   Insect Diapause and its Implication in Pest Management By Shivananjappa and Subramanian

35.   Metabolic Engineering: A Promising Tool in Metabolism Enhancement By R.K.Kalaria

36.   Genome Editing Tools: A Designer Nucleases By Bhaganna


Published on :: 04/04/2018

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