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Dear Readers,

In the recent past we have noted that inspite of our communication regarding publication of articles in Readers Shelf some of the authors are sending mails again and again and that too on daily or on alternate basis. This has resulted in wastage of time as they are not trying to understand the we, at our end, take utmost care that there is no unreasonable delay in processing and publishing of the articles.

We have communicated through the process that it takes three to four months and we publish three to four articles in a year but some authors after sending articles in the month of March start making queries from April itself and try to put pressure for early publication. This is against our policy and in future we shall stop taking articles of such authors in the magazine. 

It has also been noted that one mail is sent again and again which is also very problematic as for one thing we have to respond and repeat our response so many times. 

We request all concerned to take care and do not waste your time as well as our time in this manner. Further make the query after completion of at least three months not before that to enable us to put our efforts in smooth working instead of doing clerical job.


Published on :: 17.04.2018

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