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Wrong issue dispatch

Dear Readers,

We are feeling very disappointed as due to the technical error committed in the press wrong issue for the month of May has been printed and dispatched. The old articles have been published in place of new articles (contents of which uploaded on the site) in the May issue.

With this communication we are to inform that the complete issue in PDF format shall be uploaded on our site by tomorrow and all concerned are requested to please refer the PDF format of the issue as correct one in place of the hard copy sent.

The readers are requested to please download the PDF file for their reference and for submission and treat the hard copy as cancelled one. Please do not consider the hard copy as the correct one.

The authors whose articles have been incorporated in the issue are specifically requested to please download the file and use that file only wherever they need to submit the issue. 

 Only the PDF file uploaded shall be considered as the correct and authentic one. 

This is for the information of all concerned with remarks of disappointment for the technical error committed at Press/ Binders place.

 We hope everybody would understand the situation.

 Thanks and regards

 Hon. Editor



Published on :: 11.05.2018

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