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Contents for the month of July 2018-Readers Shelf

Dear Readers,

The following are the articles which have been incorporated in the month of July 2018. Although all the precautions have been taken in giving the list but we are not ruling out any minor error in final list so please refer the PDF format of the magazine (which will be uploaded by 13.07.2018) and the hard copy of the Readers Shelf too.

1. Trap Crops in Crop Production, Scope and Constraints

Prakasha, G., Rohini, N. Meti and Prathima, A. S.

2. SWOT Analysis in Fertigation Technology

Prathima, A. S., Rohini, N. Meti and Prakasha, G

3. Leaf Reddening in Cotton and its Management

Vijaysingh Thakur, Meena, M. K and Suma T. C.

4. APMC: De-Notification of Fruits and Vegetables

Priyadarshini C. Gadad, Maheswari K. Doddamani and Sneha Shigihalli

5. Genetic Engineering for Drought Tolerance in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Maisuria, Hemanshukumar J.

6. Bitterness in Cucurbits: Causes and Remedies

Shriram Ratan Pradhan, Satyabrata Mangaraj and Rupak Jena

7. Nuts and Bolts of Local Lesions

R. Subramanian and Sunil Shivananjappa

8. Constraints in Sugarcane Farming and Processing Industries in India

Nitin Varshney and S. R. Sharma

Bitter Gourd: A Natural Medicine for Multiple Health Problems

Roopali Patel

10. Disease Management in Kharif Onion

Roopali Patel

11. Importance of Synthetic Seeds and their Utilization on Sustainable Crop Improvement

D. Kavithamani and S. Geetha

Importance of STCR based Fertilizer Recommendations for Farmerís Practice

Vijay Kant Singh and Gagandeep

13. Crop Diversification: A Way to Sustainability

Satyabrata Mangaraj, Shriram Ratan Pradhan and Rupak Jena

14. Silica in Rice

C. Sharmila Rahale

15. Effect of Phosphorus and Organics on Phosphorus Fractions in Soil

Srinivasa, D. K.

16. Heteropteran Predators: As Potential Complements for Biological Control

Padala Vinod Kumar, Ramya. N and Srinivasa. N

17. Physiological Strategies to Mitigate Heat Stress in Wheat

Dheeraj Chatti and Banoth Vinesh

18. Vertical Gardening

Nellipalli Vinod Kumar

19. Meloidogyne indica Whitehead, 1968: An Emerging Nematode Pest of Citrus in India

K. Kiran Kumar

20. Genome Editing Technology and Tools in Plants

Khushbu Chittora

21. Integrated Managementof Apiary (Apis mellifera) Pest

Sumit Saini and Vadde Anoosha

22. Manage Your Apiary during Summer/Dearth

Sumit Saini and Vadde Anoosha

23. Role of Stingless Bees in Pollination of Crops

Vadde Anoosha and Sumit Saini

24. Essential Oil and its Constituents in Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill) Genotypes

Dr. D. Agarwal, Dr. L. K. Sharma and Dr. S. N. Saxena

25. Agrobacterium: Journey from a Pathogen to Transforming Agent

Kamlesh Kumar, L. K. Sharma, Hemant Kr. Ameta, Vikas Khandelwal, and Supriya Ambawat

26. Effect of Cryogenic Grinding on Volatile Oil of Cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) Genotypes

Dr. L. K. Sharma, Dr. D. Agarwal, H. K. Ameta, Kamlesh Kumar, Dr. Rajesh C. Jeeterwal, Anju Nehra, and Hanwant Kumar

27. Quality Seed Production in Pearl Millet

Kamlesh Kumar, L. K. Sharma, Vikas Khandelwal, Hemant Kr. Ameta and Ramesh

28. Cryogenic Grinding effect on Oil Yield of Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi L.)

L. K. Sharma, D. Agarwal, Kamlesh Kumar, R. C. Jeeterwal and S. N. Saxena

29. Characteristics, Classification and Role of Pathogenesis-Related (PR) Proteins in Plant Defence

Anupam Maharshi

30. Reactive Oxygen Species: A Rapid Defence Response in Plant against Pathogens

Anupam Maharshi

31. Floral Products with Commercial Importance

Nellipalli Vinod Kumar

32. Micronutrients Interactions with Phosphorus and among Themselves in Soil and Plants

Usha kaushik

33. Molecular Markers: A Tool for Improvement of the Crops

Dr. Rajesh C. Jeeterwal and Anju Nehra

34. Mode of Pollination of Different Agricutural Crops and its Significance

Dr. Rajesh C. Jeeterwal, Anju Nehra, Nikki Bhardwaj and Dr. Lokesh Kumar Sharma

35. Mode of Reproduction: Basic Requirement for Breeding of Agricultural Crops

Anju Nehra, Dr. Rajesh C. Jeeterwal, Dr. Lokesh Kumar Sharma and Nikki Bhardwaj


Published on :: 09.07.2018

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