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Contents of January 2019 issue of Readers Shelf

The following articles have been incorporated in Readers Shelf- January 2019 issue:

Measures to Overcome Salt Stressby Sahaja Deva

Integrated Management Practices under Salt Stress Conditions by Pradeep Singh, Anurag Malik, Raman Sharma

Leaf Eating Caterpillar (Spodoptera Litura) A Pest of Soyabean by Prashant Natikar

Understanding the Heterosis Phenomena in Crop Plants by Praveen Kumar, Sonal Kumar

Four Important Diseases of Silkwormby J Alfred Daniel, M. Mathialagan, Dinesh Rajaram Hegde

Insects pests of Fig and their Management by Dinesh Rajaram Hedge J Alfred Daniel, M. Mathialagan

Bumble Bees as Pollinators by M. Mathialagan,  J Alfred Daniel , Dinesh Rajaram Hegde

Importance of Phosphorous Use Efficiency in Crop Improvement by Saurabh Pandey, Sunidhi Mishra

Plant Thermomorphogenesis Molecular Aspects by Saurabh Pandey, Sunidhi Mishra

Oxidative Strss in Microbes by K. Kiran Kumar

Screening Plants for Insect Pest Resistance and Crop Loss Assessment Techniques by Sumit Saini, Vadde Anoosha

Geographic Information Syste (GIS) Technique byVijay Kumar Diddal, Brijbhhooshan, Shalini

Organic Farming Practices in Mitigating Green House Gas Emissions and Climate Change by Rohini N Meti , Prakash G, Prathima A S

Advnatages and Disadvantages of Simulaton and Optimization Model by Neeraja, Premkumari

Agri Udaan by Neelamma R Kolageri, Sri Vidyarani S Sajjan

Demonetization and its Impact on Indian Economy by Harkesh Kumar Balai, K C Bairwa

Ants and Sutures by Ramya N, Mogili Ramaiaha

TILLING: A Novel Approach for Vegetable Crop Improvement by Koushik Saha,Arindam Das

Role of Plant Quarantine in Pest and Disease Management by Rindam Das, Koushik Saha

Association Mapping in Plants by Ram Narayan Ahirwar, Shoukeen Khan

Medicinal Value of Tulsi (Ocimuntenuiflorum) and Management of their Major Pest  by Umesh Das, Supriya Okram

New Invasive Pest Spodoptera Frugiperda and its Management by Sudhanshu Bala Nayak, Shefali,

Tomato Leaf Miner (Liriyomyza trifolii) An Impotrant Pest of Tomato by Supriya Okram, Umesh Das

Elogated Uppermost Internode (eui) Gene for Penicle Exsertion in Rice( Orzya saiva L.) by V Nirubana, K Sangeetha

Use of Nanoporous -Zeolite in Farming by Akash Mishra, Pallavi Bhatt, Pawan Kumar Pant

Do You Know Coeliac Disease? By K.Sangeetha, V. Nirubana

Huanglongbing: A Destructive Challenging Disease in Citrus by Prashant Kalal, Sajana S, Bennurmath

Zero Tillage Technology in Maize by P. Vara Prasad,T Ganesh,T Hemadri

Vetiver (Vetiveria Zizanioides Linn): An Aromatic Grass use for Flood and Stream Bank Erosion Control by Souvick Banik, C S Karthik

Salicylic Acid: Role in Delaying Fruit Ripening by Netravati

Cocoa: Nursery Establishment and its Maintenance by C.S. Karthik, Souvick Banik

IPM Strategies for BananaPsudosetm Weevil by G D Hadiya, C B Damor

Molecular Pharming  Farming Pharmaceuticals in Living System by Bhavyasree R K

Whey Proteins Benefits to Health: A Review by Jaspreet Kaur

Effect of SoilPhysical, Chemical Properties in Soil Quality by Tupaki Lokya

Multi-Storey Cropping Syste by G Chandrasekhar

Vertical Gardens: the Living Walls by Gawade Nagesh Vithu


Published on :: 31.12.2018

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