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Contents of February issue

Dear Readers,

The following are the contents of the issue-February 2019 for your reference. The magazine, as informed, has already been dispatched yesterday i.e. on 11.02.2019 which will reach you all withing next seven to ten days.

Due care has been taken for uploading contents but the matter in hard copy shall be considered as final one. 

  1. Integrated Nutrient Management in Vegetable Crops by Kiran Pilli
  2. Training Institutes and their Role in Capacity Building of Farmers by I.Venkatta Reddy
  3. Raisin: An Important Processed Product from Grapes by A. Bharathkumar and Netravati
  4. Water Scarcity, a Major Threat to Ensure Food Security by Shahida Nisar, Gazala Nazir and H.M.Meena
  5. Herbicide Resistance: Types, Factors and Mechanism affecting it by Praharaj and Gouda
  6. Microbial Biofilms: Factors Responsible for its Generation by Pandey and Mishra
  7. Biofilm: Importance in Agriculture by Pandey and Mishra
  8. Biorefinery Concept for Cassava Industrial Wastes- Sustainable Production of Fuels, Chemicals and Polymers by S. Naganandhini
  9. Sucking Pests of Mulberry by Daniel, Mathialagan and Hegde
  10. SPA: The Software Package for Agrometry by Pradeep Kumar Ganjeer
  11. Bees Hotels as Tools for Native Pollinator Conservation by Mathialagan, Daniel and Hegde
  12. Resource Conserving Technology (RCTs) for Maize Based Croping System by Diddal, Brijbhooshan and Shalini
  13. Foliar Fertilization in Maize- (Zea Mays L) by Vijay kumar Didal, Brijbhooshan and Shalini
  14. Biofortification: An Approach to Combat Micronutrient Malnutrition by Avinash Kumar and Ashutosh Kumar
  15. Pollinators in Greenhouse by Hegde, Mathialagan and Daniel
  16. Indegenous Technical Knowledge  (ITK) by Brijbhooshan, Didal and Shalini
  17. Earthworms: The Soil conditioners by Shefali and Sudhanshu Bala
  18. Biennial Bearing in Mango by Singh, Choudhary, Diwaker and Agarwal
  19. Traditional Beverages by G. Chandrashekhar
  20. Guava Wilt-A Major Problem in Guava by Agarwal, Singh, Choudhary and Diwaker
  21.  The Pesticides Management Bill, 2017 by Diwaker, Singh, Choudhary and Agarwal
  22.  Pomegranate Cultivation under Arid and Semi Arid Regions in Rajasthan by Choudhary, Agarwal, Diwaker and Singh
  23. Global Eradication and Response Database (GERDA)-Eradication Programme in Plant Pathogen by Valarmathi and Ladhalakshmi
  24. . Pathway of Circulative Viruses in Insects by Prithiva, Rajesh and Valliammai
  25.  Black Turmeric: Phytochemistry and Uses by Souvick Banik, C.S.Karthik
  26.  Analysis of Randomized Block Design in R by Popat and Banakara
  27.  Application of Principal Component Analysis in Agriculture by Banakara and Popat
  28.  Food Fortification by Bharath Kumar, Netravati,  Revankar and Bindu
  29.  A Glance on Post Harvest Management of Cut Flowers by Revankar, Netravati and Bharathkumar
  30.  Superabsorbent Nano Hydrogel: a Boon under Rainfed Agriculture by Rout and Padharn
  31.  Bio-Intensive Pest Management - Sustainable Approach by Gaurang Chhangani
  32.  Crop Response to Salinity by Chavda and Sisodiya
  33.  Coal Industry Waste, Charactristics and their Management by Altaf Kuntoji and Kiran S.K
  34.  Nutritional and Export Importance of Lupin - A Legume Seed by Tredal, Kolhar, and Lakshmi
  35.  Ozone A Microbial Sanitizer for Fruits and Vegetabl.es by Kolhar and Tredal
  36. Management of Whitefly under Cotton Ecosystem by Sudhanshu Bala Nayak
  37. Low Tunnel Technology in Vegetable Crops: bon for Vegetable Growers by Sajal Debbarama

Team Readers Shelf


Published on :: 12.02.2019

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