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New feature for incorporation of the articles in Magazine.

Dear Readers,

With this communication we are to inform that we have a policy of incorporating maximum four articles in a year of a subscriber. In addition to the same we do publish articles under fast track system.

However, from this month onward we are introducing a new system of incorporating more articles on payment of nominal charges by the authors.

According to this system we shall incorporate four more articles (in all there will be eight articles) on a nominal charges of just Rs.250/- per article. Thus the authors may be able to send eight articles in a year which will be published and they will have to pay just the subscription charges and additional charges of Rs.250/- per article.

This can be understood with the following example:
Suppose X becomes a subscriber in April 2019 then he or she would be entitled to get three- four articles published till March 2020. Now if he or she wants two more articles to be published in Readers Shelf within that period (i.e. from Aprul 2019 to March 2020) then he or she will have to pay additional charges for those two articles @ Rs.250/- per article.

We hope you have followed the points in the manner in which we wanted to communicate. In case you need any clarification you may write us in the matter.

Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 15.03.2019

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