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Contents of Readers Shelf for June 2019

1.        Downy Mildews of Maize and their Management by Muttanna Revadi

2.        Plant Disease Resistance Genes by Muttanna Revadi

3.        Interaction of Zinc and Boron on Nutrient Content (NPK) and Plant Growth by Altaf Kuntoji and Kiran S.K.

4.        Biofertilizers: Characteristics and its Application in Crop Sustainability by C.S.Karthik and Souvick Banik

5.        Quality Seed Production: Requirement for Indian Agriculture by Aditi Aliza Tirkey and Girish Tantuway

6.        Role of Panchgavya in Agricultureby Richa Khanna

7.        Pithaya- A Promising Fruit by Deepika V., Rex, B., and Jalapathi S.K.

8.        A Major cause for Yield Reduction in Tomato- Early Blight Disease- an Overview by Rex., B., Jalapathi, S.K., Deepika, V.

9.        Epigenetics: An Introduction by Girish Tantuway and Aditi Eliza Tirkey

10.     Nature of Damange, Biology and Management of Tomato Pinworm , Tuta Absoluta Meyrick Lepidoptera Gelechiidae by Jalapathi, S.K., Deepiak, V.,and Rex, B.

11.     Use of Hydrogel in Flower Crops by Arunkumar P and Mangaiyarkarasi, R.

12.     Cultivation and Use of Burmese Grape by Ravi Kondle

13.     Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS) in Plants for Accelerating Plant Breeding Programmes by Richa Sao and Parmeshwar K.Sahu

14.        Effects of Different Land Use Systems on Soil Qualityby Altaf Kuntoji and Kiran S.K.

15        Insects pest of Sugarcane and their Management by Sagarika and Sunil Kumar

16.        Bioaccumulation of Pollutants by Earthworms by Shefali  and Sudhanshu Bala Nayak

17.        Impact of Mycotoxins on Stable Grains and Seeds by C.Tamilarasan and R.Sivakalai

18.        Effect of Climate Change on Reproductive Development of Plants by Ananya Baidya and Mohammed Anwar Ali.

19.        High Pressure Processing : a Non-Thermal Technique of Food Processing by  Ayeeshya Hasansab Kolhar and Deepa Terdal

20.        Semiochemicals for Insect Pest Management by Mukesh Kumar Sheshma and Sunaina Verma

21.        Attitude of Youth Entrepreneurship by  Jagruti D Bhatt and Nisha M. Thaker

22.        Microwave Processing : A Novel Technique in Food Processing by Aysheeya Hasansab and Deepa Terdal

23.        Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer and its Biological Application by Sawant Sanket Ramnath and Abhinav Dubey

24.        Green Facades: A New Sustanable Approach towards Climate Change by Soudamini Karjee and Sourav Mahapatra

25.        Aero Route Pruning an Innovation in Vegetable Nursery Business to Enhance the Farm Income by Mahapatra, arjee and Arindam Das

26.        Mass Production of Trichoderma Viridae by Mukesh Kumar Sheshma and Sunaina Verma

27.        Edible Packaging for Food Products: A Package You Can Eat by Dubey, Sawant and Pandey

28.        DNA Barcoding in Insects by Prithiva, Thangavel and Rajesh

29.        Insect Pests of Onion and Garlic and Their Management by Mukesh Kumar Sheshma

30.        HighPressure Processing: a Non Thermal Technique of Food Processing by Ayeeshya Hasansab and Deepak Terdal

31.   Wirelsess Censor Networks in Plant Pathology by Muttanna Revadi

32.   Host Plant Resistance by Mamatha, A and Premchand U            

33.   Black Turmeric: Phytochemistry and Uses by Souvick Banik and C.S.Karthik          

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Published on :: 16.06.2019

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