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contents of July 2019 issue

Dear Readers,

The following articles have been planned to be incorporated in the July 2019 issue of Readers Shelf.

1.        What do you Mean of Epigentic by Praveen Kumar and Sonal Kumar

2.        Watstewater Irrigation in Agriculture by P.Prakash, E. Sobhana and P.Sujithra

3.        Effect of Different Land Configuration on Water Use Efficiency in Dryland Agriculture by E.Sobhana, P.Sujithra and P.Prakash.

4.        Challenges in Diagnosis and Management of Plant Diseases by Pooja Upadhyay and Kalpana Gairola

5.        Herbicide Residue Management Strategies by P. Sujithra, E. Sobhana and P.Prakash

6.        Pollen Embryogenesis by Kavitha, Shivalingappa and Manjugouda

7.        Insecticide Resistance : Challenges and Management Strategies in India by  S.Thangavel and J.N.Prithiva

8.        Role of Soil Arthropods in Soil Fertility Management by S.Thangavel and J.N.Prthiva

9.        Pests of Ornamental Plants and their Management by Kuldeep Kumar and Richa Banshiwal

10.        Insect Pest Management in Organic Farming by Richa Banshiwal and Kuldeep Kumar

11.    Biosecurity; A Comprehensive Approach by Somala Karthik

12.        Scenario of Diseases under Climate Change Situations by Priyanka, Anand Kumar  and Sunaina  

13.        Mycorrhizal Fungi as Potential Bio Protectants against Plant Pathogens by Priyanka, Anand Kumar and Sunaina

14.        Seed Treatment : An Admissible and Reliable Technology by Sunaina, Anand Kumar and Priyanka

15.        Genetic Erosion and Role of Plant Breeding in Scenario of Climate Change by Ashutosh, Avinash, Banshidhar and Priyanka

16.        Gene Sanctuary by N.Vairam and S.Anandhi Lavanya

17.        Speed Breeding by S.Anandhi Lavanya and N.Vairam

18.        Gene Staking: Combining Multiple Desirable Genes for Improving Crop Plants by Parmeshwar K. Sahu and Richa Sao

19.     Molecular Markers as a Tool for Crop Germplasm Characterization, Conservation, Utilization and Enhancement by Richa Sao and Parmeshwar K. Sahu

20.     ArkaMicrobial Consortium (AMC) - A Speciality Bioinoculant for Sustainable Agriculture by A.Premlatha and M. Elavarasan 

21        Zero Budget Natural Farming by Priyanka Pannu and Pragnesh Patel

22        Jasmonic Acid Induced Resistance in Plants and their Pest Management Aspects by Vignesh M.

23        Termite Control by Sudhanshu Bala Nayak and Shefali

24        Significance of Resistance Inducing Chemical Compound Plant Disease Management by Premabati Devi, Deepshikha and J.P.Jaiswal

25        Integrated Management of Major Diseases of Soyabean by Kalpana Gairola and Pooja Upadhyay

26        Trends and Gaps of ICT in Implementation of Modern Agricultural Constucts by Rahul Singh Chouhan and Purva Dayya

27        Good Nursery Practices of Desert AgroForestry Tree Spices in Rajasthan by Ravindra Kumar  and Chintan Kumar

28        The Phytocrhrome System in Seeds by C.Tamilarasan

29        Application of Nanotechnology in Agrciultural Science : A Boon or A Bane by Ajay Kumar Chandra and Sumit Kumar 

30.  Different Steps in Processing of Oil Palm by A.Anjaneyulu

31. Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Building Resilience to Climate Change by Himangini Joshi and Dharmendra Meena 

Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 29.06.2019

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