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Contents of January Issue of Readers Shelf

Dear Readers,

The following are the contents of Readers Shelf for the month of January 2020:

1. Rainwater Harvesting, A Potential Step Towards Conserving the Water Vrinda Joshi and Kiran Doodhawal

2. Plastic Pollution in Soil Kiran Doodhawal, Hemraj Jat and Vrinda Joshi

3. Economic Slowdown of Indian Economy Shailza and Shalini Kamra

4. Pseudomonas Fluorescens as a Biocontrol Agent Waghmare Vijaykumar Veerappa

5. Biosensors in Detection of Plant Pathogens Ashwini, R. and Vijayalakshmi, N. R.

6. Nonhost Resistance against Bacterial Pathogens: Retrospectives and Prospects Ashwini, R. and Vijayalakshmi, N. R.

7. Challenges and Opportunities for Development of Novel Crops Ajay Kumar Chandra, Aparna Agrawal, Rini Joshi and Sumit Kumar

8. Crop Biofortification: A Sustainable and Feasible Strategy for Developing Safer and More Nutritious Diets Sumit Kumar, Rajat Sharma, Ajay Kumar Chandra, and Tarannum Jahan

9. Simplified crop production by Nutriseed pack technology A. Premalatha and M.Elavarasan

10. Home fragrance- A waft of potpourri Soudamini Karjee and SouravMahapatra

11. Rainwater Harvesting – A Plan on Artificial Recharge of Ground Water Table Sujitha. E,

12. Need of Nano-fertilizers in Agriculture Shaikh Wasim Chand, A.D. Pandagale and Jakku Prasanna

13. Conservation Agriculture and its role in Drylands Mirza I.A.B, P.B. Ghodake and A. D Pawar.

14. Coffee Rust and their Management A. Maharani and K. Manikandan

15. Strategies for Improving Drought and Salinity Tolerance in Fruit Crops Shashi

16. Effects of Climate Change on Fruit Crops Shashi

17. Role of Bio-Fertilizer in Organic Agriculture P. Ramamoorthy and S. Thirumeninathan

18. Areca Tea - A Potential Health Benefits Shruthi, V. H., Bindu, H., and Bharathkumar, A.

19. Health benefits and Post-harvest management of bitter gourd  Bhagwati Baranda, Manju Verma and Vivek Kumar

20. Types of Acid Soils Prava Kiran Dash

21. Biochar: A key element for Carbon Sequestration in Changing Climate Scenario Hansa Choudhary, Mithlesh Kumari Meena, Jitendra Kumar Tak& Hemraj Jat

22. The CRISPR/CAS Mediated Genome Editing System for Insect Pest Management Repalle Naganna

23. Nanofertilizers - A way to Sustainable Agriculture P. Kunjammal and Subbalakshmi Lokanadhan

24. Black Rice – A Super Food in New Era M. Saravana Kumar and A. Indhushree

25. Trend in Cotton Cultivation and Trade – Indian Scenario Indhushree, A., Padma Lakshmi, G. and Saravana Kumar, M

26. Mid storage seed treatments R. Sridevi

27. Economics of Buffalo Milk Production in Ahamednagar District of Maharashtra Padma Lakshmi G, M Radha, A Indhushree

28. Prediction And Forecasting of Cashew Nut Production in India – An Arima Model Approach Padma Lakshmi G, Radha M, A Dharani Priya

29. BLAD in Dairy Cattle Ahlawat A.R. andVermaA.D.

30. Doubling of Farmers’ Incomes through IPM A.Snehaa and G.Srinivasan

31. Invasive pest species in India Nisha Pradeepa K D. Indhumathi and M.K. Ponselvakumari

32. Aloe vera Cultivation and Uses Manju Verma, and Bhagwati Baranda,

Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 08.01.2020

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