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Contents of Readers Shelf- Month of February

Dear Readers,
The following are the articles which have been incorporated in the coming issue of Readers Shelf i.e. February-2020 issue of Readers Shelf. 

1. Microscope Types and Maintenance by A Kavitha Reddy

2. Health Benefits and Post-harvest management of bitter gourd by Bhagwati Baranda and and Manju Verma

3. TRITICALE - A Substitute Crop for Dryland Agriculture by Akash Gaurav Singh

4. Chow-Chow a Vegetable for Mitigating Obesity by SouravMahapatra , SoudamaniKarjee and Arindam Das

5. Emasculation and Dusting - Hybrid Seed Production Tool in Cotton by R. Sridevi

6. Techniques of Increasing Fertilizer Use Efficiency by Prashant . H. Rathod,

7. Modern ways of Transfer of Technology in Agricultural Sector by V. S. Parmar, N. S. Joshi, P. J. Prajapati and N. J. Hadiya

8. Florigen: Flowering Hormone by Yadav Y.M, Rajya Laxmi. P and Yadav A.M

9. Propagation Method of Tuberose Flowers by S. Sowmiya

10. Potential Use of Semiochemicals in IPM by Richa Banshiwal

11. Novel Non-tThermal Food Processing Technologies for Quality Food Production by Sheshrao Kautka and Rehana Raj

12. A Recent Approach to Disease Management and Crop Improvement by Pooja Upadhyay and Kalpana Gairola

13. Increasing Yield and Quality in Amaranthus by G.Sidhdharth1, R.Elaiyaraja and B. Rex

14. Market Risk by Dr. V. Keerthana,

15. Cultivation of Red Ginger by Mangaiyarkarasi. R and Arunkumar. P

16. Heliconia by Arunkumar P and Mangaiyarkarasi R

17. Protected Cultivation of Gerbera by Kuldeep Singh Rajawat, Shivani Kanwar Shaktawat and Jitendra Kumar Tak

18. Aeroponic Systems by S. Sowmiya,

19. Newer Insecticide Molecules by D. Indhumathi and Nisha Pradeepa K

20. Importance of Role of Bacteria in Soil to Maintain Soil Fertility by Dhanni Devi

21. Prediction and Forecasting of Cashew Nut  Production in India – An Arima Model Approach by Padma Lakshmi G , Radha M , A Dharani Priya

22. Drone: An Eagle Eye in the Sky to Detect Insect Pests by Repalle Naganna

23. Coconut Termite and its management by N. M. Kachhadiya, N. S. Joshi, V. S. Parmar, P. J. Prajapati

24. Rust Disease of Pearl Millet and Their Management by A. Maharani and K. Manikandan

25. Freeze Drying- A best tool for preserving of Food & Agricultural products by HetalK Bhatt

26. Application of Mobile APPS in Agriculture by Kancheti Mrunalini and G Srinivasan

27. Modern Engineering Technologies: A Boon to Transform Indian Agriculture by Amit Kumar Patil,Monika Satankar, Sheshrao Kautkar and Rehana Raj

28. Seed Bombing Technology for Reforestation by R. Sridevi

29. Role of Agriculture in Indian economy by Kalpana Gairola and Pooja Upadhyay

30. Physiobiochemical Mechanism of Salinity Tolerance by Yashoda Etther, Madhuri Gawande and Shobha Surbhaiyya

31. Strategy for development of Golden Rice by Shobha D. Surbhaiyya, Yashoda Y. Etther and Madhuri B. Gawande

Team Readers Shelf.

Published on :: 12.02.2020

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