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Contents of May 2020 issue

Dear Readers,

The contents of the May issue are as under:

1.    Biochips: An Overview of Miniaturized Laboratories by Ahmed Aquib and Rahul Anand

2.    Advances in Weed Management Jeena Mary

3.    Seed Dispersal: Key for Regeneration of Plants by R.Sridevi

4.    Scope of Molecular Biology in Entomological Research by Somala Karthik

5.    Climate Smart Agriculture by Pandagale, Mirza and Ghodke

6.    Acquatic Weed Management through Physical, Chemical and Biological Methods by Mirza, Shaikh and Prasanna

7.    Carbon Sequestration: Need and Benefit by Shaikh, Pandagale and Pawar

8.    Nanofertilizer: A Novel Approach to Increase Crop Productivity by Choudhary, Meena, Tak and Agarwal

9.    Rooftop Cultivation- A Step towards Urban Sustainability by E.sujitha

10.  Present Scenario of Oilseeds: Production, Imports and Constraints by Hussainy, Rajasekar and Karthik

11.  Nano Fertilizer: A Novel Way for Sustainable Agriculture by Rajasekar, Karthik and Hussainy

12.  Nematode Survival Strategies by K.Kiran Kumar

13.  Rice Yellow Stem Borer-Control Strategies by Hussainy, Indhu Mathi and Arivukodi

14.  Aerogation Technique to Promote Better Root Respiration by Rajasekar, Hussainy and Karthik

15.  Reaching the Unreached through PACCS by Parthasarathi, Krishnaveni and Chandrakuma

16.  Improvised Farmers Marketing Channel: Regulated Market by Parthasarathi, Krishnaveni and Chandrakumar

17.  Integrated Pest Management of Aphid (Brevicoryne Brassicae L.) in Cruciferous Crops by Niranjana G.N and Kuldeep Sharma

18.  Potentiality Review on Birds Eye Chilly (Capsicum Frutescens) by Sridevi, Chandrakumar and Parthasarathy

19.  Ethical Concern of Agricultural Biotechnology by Kishor Prabhakar Panzade

20.  Impact of Transgenic Crops on Environment by Kishor Prabhakar Panzade

21.  Black Soldier Fly: A New Vista for Solid Waste Management by A.Premlatha

22.  Gene Traps: Tool for Plant Development and Genomicsby  Rahul anand, Ahmed Aquib and Tejashman Suna

23.  Use of Microbial Insecticide in Insect Pest Management by Richa Banshiwal

24.  Chai and Quinao: A Super Nutritious Grain for the Future by Gouthami Y , Jagdeesh S.L., Gouthami Shivaswamy and Prasad Patil

25.  Role of Microorganisms in Sewage Treatment by Dhanni Devi

26.  Value Addition of Fruits by Fermented Fruit Beverages by More S.G

27.  Traditional Practices in Pest Management by Sreedhar, Vasudha and Sushil Kumar

28.  Mechanisms of Fungicide Resistance by Boda Praveen and Korla Saratbabu

29.  Entomopathogenic Fungi: A Promising Biological Weapon by Harshita, Muddasar and Jamunarani

30.  ArbuscularMycorrhizal Fungi Associations- Beneficial effects on Crop Growth and Soil Health by A. Snehaa and G. Srinivasan

31.  Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) Role in Delivery of the Agricultural Extension Services by Surkunta Kiran Reddy

32.  Diversity and Management of Fruit Sucking Moths on Fruit Crops by Muddasar, Harshita, Jamunarani and Hemanth

33.  Heliconia by Arunkumar and Mangaiyarkarasi

34.  Fascinating Facts about Poultry Breeds by Niranjanadevi and Priyanka

We have taken utmost care for the same. The above is for the reference of the readers.

Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 04.05.2020

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