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Book on Plant Pathology-Edited-With ISBN

Dear Sir/ Madam

This communication is with the intention to inform you that we have received requests from some of the authors (of plant pathology). They are interested in writing chapters on the subject and we are ready to publish an edited book (of chapters) on Plant pathology. The charges per chapter would be Rs.1500/- and we shall be providing book to the first author free of charge. The other persons may buy the book at a discounted rate from us. The book will have ISBN no. too.

Since you are also a plant pathologist and may be interested in writing chapter so we request you to please let us know if you can write the chapter or not. You may send more than one chapter too or you may ask your friends and colleagues (of department) to write the chapter/s which we may publish in book form.

If you are interested then please let us know the same since we have started receiving confirmation from the authors. The other details are as under:

We shall be doing following:

  • 1.      The book will be a paperback book;
  • 2.       The book will have the ISBN number;
  • 3.        The number of chapters we shall include will be in the range of 25 to 30 chapters;
  • 4.       Each chapter, we shall prefer, should be of 15-20 pages at the most so that the book shall be of about 375 (minimum) and 600 (maximum) pages;
  • 5.       The book will be an edited book on plant pathology;
  • 6.       We shall try not to include same chapter twice;
  • 7.       We shall provide a book free of charge to the first author. The other authors may procure book at discounted rate;
  • 8.       We shall charge Rs.1500/- per chapter irrespective of number of authors (the number can be maximum of three in one chapter).
  • 9.       The book shall be published once the required number of chapters are received which may take some time. The senders of articles shall be updated about the progress from time to time.

 What we expect from the authors:

  • 1.       The author will first of all confirm the number of chapters, he or she shall be sending;
  • 2.       The author will send the chapter name/title;
  • 3.       The author shall intimate the number of pages in the chapter;
  • 4.       The time within which the author will be able to send the chapter;
  • 5.       The author will remit the charges along with the chapter itself. If more than one article then multiply Rs.1500/- with number of articles and then remit the amount;
  • 6.       The author shall make sure that there are not more than three authors in one paper;
  • 7.       The author shall send a declaration along-with the article that the provisions of copy Right Act has not be infringed.

Now please let us know as to how many chapters you would send? Maximum, as stated above, number is three. Can you confirm that? Further you may write chapters as per your choice and just inform us the chapter name so that we may intimate others not to send those chapters to avoid duplicacy.

The Title of book may be Fundamentals of Plant Pathology or Principles of Plant Pathology or Plant Pathology. The title may change as per the suggestions of the authors, if required.

However if you want that we should send you the title of the chapter then please let us know the same although we would prefer that the author should write chapter of his/her  interest as the same would always be better.

In case of any other query you may write to us for clarification.

Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 25.06.2020

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