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Invitation-Book on Plant Pathology-Edited-With ISBN

Dear Sir/Madam,

This communication is with the intention to inform you that we have received requests from some of the authors (of plant pathology). They are interested in writing chapters on the subject and we are ready to publish an edited book (of chapters) on Plant pathology. The charges per chapter would be Rs.1500/- and we shall be providing book to the first author free of charge. The other persons may buy the book at a discounted rate from us. The book will have ISBN no. too.

The invitation is to all plant pathologist who may be interested in writing chapter/s. We request you to please let us know if you can write the chapter/s. You may send more than one chapter too or you may ask your friends and colleagues (of department) to write the chapter/s which we may publish in book form.

 If you are interested then please let us know the same.

Our face-book page contains the complete terms in this regards.

Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 27.06.2020

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