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Contents of July 2020 issue

Dear Readers,
The following are the contents for the July 2020 issue of Readers Shelf. The utmost care has been taken for finalising the same yet the final PDF version shall be uploaded by 14th of the month.

1.       Bacterial Secretion Systems: A Stron Weapon in Plant Pathogenicity by Boda Praveen and Sarathbabu Korla

2.       False Smot of Rice and their Management Strategies A.Maharani and K.Manikandan

3.       Causes, Impacts and Management of Degraded Soils in India by Kiran Doodhwal and Vrinda Joshi

4.       Green Super Rice by V.Nirubana

5.       Indian Agriculture and its Preparedness to Counter Climatic Changes by Girisha G.C. and Bhavyashree S.

6.       Application of Salt in Food Industries by Shaik Jakeer Basha & Sweta Acgharya

7.       Organic Breeding in Blackgram: Need and Prospects by A.Kavitha Reddy

8.       Seed Production of Dianthus and Periwinkle byMangaiyarkarasi R and Arunkumar P

9.       Digital Transformation in Indian Agriculture: Need and Way Forward by Bhavyashree S and Girisha G.C.

10.   Growth Performance of Coffee and Tea in Indiaby Dr. V. Keerthana

11.   Smart Pest Traps in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) by A.Vasudha, M.Sreedhar and Sushil Kumar

12.   Stevia is a New Emerging Crop for Medicinal Purpose by Meena, Meena, Tak and Jat

13.   Vegetable Crops: A Potential Source of Nutraceuticals by Sonali Agrawal and Jitendra Kumar Tak

14.   Dragon Fruits and its Health Benefits by Reethu G. R and Ummeseema N

15.   Watermelon Cultivation in Theri Land (Red Sand Dune) by Using Organic Amendments and Fertigation by M.Paramasivan and N.Senthil Kumar

16.   Conserving Natural Enemies in Agro-Ecosystem by G.,R Hitesh, Mogili Ramaiah Golive Prasanthi

17.   Mapping Population in Crop Plants by V.Manimozhi Selvi and S.Mohan 

18.   Status of Agriculture in India-Befor and After Lockdown by V.Keerthana

19.   Phage Display Technology for Production of Monoclonal Antibody by Anita and Chidanand

20.   Edible Vaccine: An Introduction by Anita and Chidanand

21.   Community Supported Agriculture- Growing Food Growing Community by R.Nisha, M.Santosh Kumar and G.Rajiv

22.   Biology of Bumble Bee by Prasanthi, Ramaiah, Hitesh

23.   Carbon Trading by Yadav, Y.M., Yadav, A.M., Rajya Laxmi P

24.   Selecting a Dairy Bull by Ahlawat, A.R. and Verma A.D.

25.   Genetics and its Applicatin in Crop Improvement by B.Reddyyamini and G.Shashikala

26.   Flavour Based Inclusion Complex (β-Cycloextrin and Pomgranite Oil) by Kuimuthan, Latha, Anitha and Mangaiyarkarasi

27.   Entomopathogenetic Nematodes (EPNs) against Crop Pests by A. Subhash Chandra Bose and I.Rabeena

28.   Snails and Slugs by I.Rabeena and A.Subhash Chandra Bose

29.   Micro Irrigation- Current Status and Benefits by Varshini, S.V.

30.   Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi-(PM-KISAN): A Review by Anju Yadav and Shubhi Patel

31.   Methods to Minimise Post-Harvest Losses of Betel Leaves (Piper betel L) by Palli Venkata Santosh Kumar

32.   NANOBOTS: A Nanotechnological Robot Machine by Rahul Anand and Somya Singh

33. Biotechnological Intervention through RNA Interference to Control BBTV Disease of Banana by Sharm, Mahalle and Jagadale

The PDF version of the magazine shall be uploaded by 14th of July 2020.

Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 06.07.2020

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