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Dear Readers,

Following articles have been incorporated in the September 2020 issue of Readers Shelf: 
1. Applications of Hyperspectral Remote Sensingv by G.Shashikala and B.Reddy Yamini
2. Importance of Potassium Nutrient for Plant Growth by P.Gayathri 
3. Stevia: A Cure of Diabetes by Vineet Kumar Meena and Mithlesh Kumari Meena 
4. Influence of Environmental Factors on Young Age (Chawki) Silkworm Growth and Development by Prashant Natikar and Muniswamyreddy P.M. 
5. Mineral Deficiency Disease in Mulberry by Prashant Natikar and Muniswamyreddy P.M. 
6. Novel Extraction Techniques for Polyphenols from Fruit and their Waste Products by Satankar, Patil, Kautkar and Raj 
7. Physic Nut- A Biofuel Plant by S.Umesh Kanna and N. Krishnakumar 
8. Fungicides: Importance and Evolution by Soumojit Majumder and Nandini Roy 
9. Senna ( Cassia angustifolia)- The Draught Tolerant Herb by M.Parmasivan and N.Senthil Kumar 
10. Role of Molybdenum in Agriculture by Suganya Ayyar 
11. Soil Viruses- A Threat to Human Development by S.Mohapatra and C.R.Mohapatra
12. Sprinkler Irrigation- Artificial Rainfall Irrigation by E.Sujitha 
13. DNA Microarrays: A Miniature Tool by Rahul anand and Somys Singh 
14. An Epiphytotic Twister Disease of Onion in Perambalur District of Tamil Nadu by K.Maniknandan and V.Keerthana 
15. Use of Geogrophical Information System and Global Positioning System in Precision Farming by Praveen, Anjanappa, Chandini and Sudesh 
16. Brown Manuring: Novel Weed Management Strategy by K.Saimaheshwari 
17. Role of Micronutrients in Fruit Production by Parameshwar, Devisenjam and Chamling 
18. Direct Seed Rice: A New Technology for Enhanced Resource Use Efficiency by Makwana, Kacha, Pampaniya and Chana  
19. Mine Spoil and Their Management by Ramamoorthy and Thirumeninathan
20. Major Insect Pests of Mulberry and their Management by Prashant Natikar 
21. Botanicals: A Promising Alternatives of Pesticides by Soumojit Majumder and Nandini Roy 
22. Fertilizer Management for Soil Health and Sustainable Agriculture by Sahu, Mohapatra and Rout 
23. Biochar to Improve Soil Health- 3R Principles by S.Vijaykumar and G. Srinivasan
24. Importance of Mycorrhizal Interaction in Phosphate Nutrition of Plants by Dhanni Devi 
25. Genetic Enhancement: Enhancing Genetic Potential of Plant by Akash Gaurav Singh 
26. Recent Developments in Prions by Ashwini R and Vijayalakshmi, N.R. 
27. Mechanisms of Plant Virus Strain Evolution by Ashwini R and Vijayalakshmi, N.R.
28. Aerobic Rice by G. Srinivasan, R. Suvitha and Mude Ashok 
29. The Glassy State in Seeds by Shubha, Vedashree and Hosamani 
30. A Step to Low Cost Tissue Culture Technology by T.Radhamani 
31. Integrated Weed Management-A Way to Control Weeds without Damaging Soil Health by Varshini, S.V. 
32. Major Medicinal Values of Minor Fruit Crops by Gouthamin S. and Mohan Kumar G.P. 
33. Technologies used to Prolong the Self Life of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables by Praveen Gidagiri 

We have taken utmost care of the same but the hard copy of the magazine shall be final. 

Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 02.09.2020

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