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Contents of October 2020 issue of Readers Shelf

Dear Readers,

The Following are the articles which have been incorporated in October 2020 issue of Readers Shelf. We have taken all the precautions but the hard copy shall be final.

1.      Antinutritional Compounds of Vegetables and their effects on Human Health by Chandini, Praveenkumar, Sudesh, Bharatkumar

2.      Sheep Penning for Sustainable Soil Health by Paramasivan and Senthil Kumar

3.      Rain Water Harvesing-Need of the Days by Gautam,.Paresh and Himanshu

4.      BAEL-A Health Potential Minor Fruit by Gouthami. S, Jagadeesh, Gouthami Y and Patil

5.      Grafing in Brinjal- A New Technique to Improve Yield by Sudesh, Anjanappa, Chandinin and Praveenkumar

6.      Breeding for Bacterial Wilt Disease Resistance in Solanaceous Vegetables by Praveenkumar, Anjanappa, Chandini and Sudesh

7.      Proteomics by ahul, Sowmya and Aquib

8.      All Grasshoppers Are Not Locusts: But All Locusts Are Grasshoppers by Muddasar, Harshitha, Jamunarani and Hemanth

9.      Crop Weather Modelling by Shaikh Wasim, Mirza and Pandagale

10.  Food Labelling by Reethu G.R. and Ummeseema N

11.  Noni (Morinda Citrifolia L.) A Wonderful Fruit for Wellness by Mohan Kumar and Gouthami Shivaswamy

12.  Aeroponics Praveen, Chandini, Anjanappa and Sudesh

13.  High Throughput Tilling by Shahiba, A.M.and Arun Chacko

14.  Rugose Spiraling Whitefly- Aleurodicus rugioperculatus (Hemiptera Aleyrodidae) an outlook by Niranjana Devi Jeevanandham

15.  Slow Release Chemical Fertilizers in Crop Production by Suganya Ayyer

16.  Diseases of Fastidious Prokaryotes and their Management Ashwini R and Vijayalakshmi, N.R.

17.  Genetic Modification for Water (Abiotic) Stress Resistance in Wheat ( Triticum aestivum) Genotypoes Surbhaiyya, Etther and Gawande

18.  Agro Based Industries- Types, Importance and Opportunities by Parthasarathi, Krishnaveni and Chandrakumar

19.  Horti-Tourism Opportunities in Uttarakhand by Rajat Sharma

20.  Bioremediation of Pollutants Using Soil Microorganisms by Dhanni Devi, Narayan Prasad and M.K.Sheshma

21.  Impact of Deforestation and its Prevention by B.M.Mote, M.L.Patel and Neeraj Kumar

22.  Air Pollution and its Source by Neeraj Kumar, B.M.Mote and M.L. Patel

23.  Crop Seasons and Monsoon Types in India by M.L.Patel, Neeraj Kumar and B.M.Mote

24.  Sea Weed Extract: A New Way for Sustainable Crop Production by Varshini, Srinivasan and Sapthagiri

25.  Role of Bio-Control Agents in Integrated Pest Management by M.K.Sheshma and Dhanni Devi

26.  Remote Sensing and Its Application in Agriculture by Versha Pandey

27.  Biofortified Vegetables: A Future Prospect by Subha Laxmi Mishra

28.  Coconut Mother Palm Selection-Kalpavriksha by B.Priyanka and G.Srinivasan

29.  Breeding of Insect Resistant Variety for Sustainable Agriculture by Turfan, Mithlesh and Santosh

30.  Physiological Response of Crop Plants to Carbon Dioxide by Jeena Mary

31.  Hydroponic Green Fodder Production by K.Saimaheshwari

32.  Precooling: Its Uses in Flower Crops by Mangaiyarkarasi, Arunkumar, Latha and Anitha

33.  Challenges of Biosensor in the Field of Agriculture and their Future Aspects by Ramesh Kanna, M

Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 06.10.2020

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