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Thanks to all Readers and Subscribers

Dear Readers,
We all know that we are facing a big challenge in our life which we have never witnessed in our earlier nor did we expect the same ever. This dreaded disease has shaken everyone irrespective of caste -creed, poor- rich, young-elderly, and male-female. It has broken the back bone of poor and middle class people. It has resulted in unemployment and wage cut in many sectors. The Governments both state and the center are doing whatever they could and they can. We have to keep patience and have to take utmost care.
We take this opportunity to thank you all for the patience you people had in the past for about eight months right from 24th March to 24th November.
We used the word patience in view of the fact that the COVID-19 has changed the complete scenario all over the globe. We are and were not exception to the same and got effected very badly. So far as our part is concerned you all, very well, know that we have been serving all of you uninterruptedly. Barring one or two occasions we have been dispatching the magazine well within the time (from 2004 i.e. since inception) and you people used to receive the same in time. There has not been any grievance in the past.
However, during this pandemic condition, you as well as we suffered a lot in the form of delay in publication and dispatch of magazine at our end and non receipt of magazine at your end. You were more affected in the manner that you had to vacate the hostel rooms; you had to stay at home since the colleges were closed - till now the situation is not under complete control, you have lost almost a complete year of your studies and no one can compensate the same. We pray God to bring the situation to the normal and expect that soon the colleges and institutions will start functioning in normal conditions.
We are to inform you all that during this precarious situation we tried our best to provide you with the material by uploading the magazine in PDF format on our website well within the time. Not even a single magazine was delayed and we made the same available on our website (in PDF version). You people have been very supportive in the manner that not even a single complaint we received for non receipt of magazine. Your co-operation has been very encouraging for us and we expect the support and patronage from your side too in future.
We are to clarify here that the magazines were printed very late due to non operation of press etc. for a very long time. Now we have started dispatching the magazine (in hard copy). For the months from April to June we have dispatched the magazine, from July to September we shall be dispatching within next five to six days. The October and November issue shall also be dispatched by first week of December and we shall try that the December issue is dispatched on 11th of the month i.e. on its usual schedule which we used to follow before this dreaded disease. Thereafter, we hope the regular dispatches will be there.
We once again thank you all for the co-operation and support.
Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 25.11.2020

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