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Contents of May 2021 issue of Readers Shelf

Dear Readers,
The following articles have been taken for publication in Readers Shelf for the month of May 2021:
1. CRISPR Technology- a Simple yet Powerful Tool for Editing Genomes by Bindushree C
2. Ergot and Ergotism by Sudha, A
3. Sustainable Sugarcane Inmitiatives (SSI): An Approach to Enhance Sugarcane Production by Chogatapur, Kalaghatagi and Gunabhagya
4. Organic Agriculture Perspective by Kalaghatagi, Gunabhagya and Chogatapur
5. A Note on Crop Insurance Schemes by Gunabhagya, Chogatapur and Kalaghatagi
6. Role of Water in Food by Pande, Basha, Acharya and Bangar
7. Alstroemeria: A Potential Cut Flower for Hilly Regiona by Sujit Rai
8. Fertilizer Pallet PAck (FPP): A Controlled Release Nutrient Composite by Pragyan, Dhaneshwar and Gayatri
9. Transcriptomic Technologies- To Understand Drought Tolerance in Legumes by Samarth R Patel and Sushil Kumar
10. Duck Rearing As a Component of Integrated FarmingSystem by R. Ajaykumar and K Sivasabari
11. Soil Health Card: For Sustainable Ecosystem by K. Sivasabari and R. Ajaykumar
12. Plant Clinic for Diagnosing Pests and Infestations by Niranjanadevi J and Nirubana V.
13. Medicinal Plants- Source of Value Added Products by Mohan Kumar, Ravi and Madhusudhan
14. Recombination in Cotton Viruses by P. Valarmathi
15. Indian Agriculture Powered with Artificial Intelligence by Bhanupriya Choyal and Harpreet Sodhi
16. Medicinal Mushrooms: Health on Plate by Bhanupriya Choyal and Harpreet Sodhi
17. GI Tag Fruit Crops in Karnataka by Pavithra, Kavana and Vidya
18. Parthenocarpy in Grapes by Pavithra, Kavana and Vidya
19. Biology and Diversity of Roots in Western Ghats of Karnataka by Madhusudhan, Ravi and Mohan Kumar
20. Radio Telemetry of Insects by Chaudhari V.K and Abdul Vaja
21. Cheddar Cheese by Shaikh Jakeer Basha and Pande Shilpa Sanjay
22. Biofortification through Genetic Engineering by Balaji Rathod
23. Drought Stres by R.Suvitha and B.S.R. Nivedidhaa
24. Reactive Oxygen Speices : Defence against Pathogens Sahana N. Banakar
25. Mite Complex A Challenging Threat to Citrus Cultiavtion byC. Chinniah and M.Shanthi
26. Land Degradation Mapping Techniques Using Remote Sensing and GIS by Tamilmounika, Pazhanivelan, Gayathri and Sivakumar
27. Scope and Prospects of Protected Cultivation of Vegetables in India by Venugopala Reddy, M
28. Bhumyamalaiki: An Incredible Medicinal Crop for Hepatitis-B by Divyashree, Poojashree and Vidya
29. Biodynamic Farming by Mude Ashok Naik and Darthiya M
30. Foliar Feeding to Correct Nutrient Deficineies in Crops by A.Premalatha and S. saravanakumar
31. Role Agrometeorological Servicesin Clmiate Smart Agriculture by Smita Gupta
32. Heat Stress Management in Dairy Cows by Rashmi, Jeevan Ram and Sushila
We have taken all the steps to upload correct contents but the hard copy shall be final for the purpose.
Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 04.05.2021

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