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Contents of July issue of Readers Shelf

Dear Readers,
The following articles have been incorporated in the July issue of Readers Shelf:
1. Drought Assessment Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques by Pandiya Kumar D, Sivakumar K. and Balaji Kannan
2. Modern Method of Propagating Techniques in Horticulture Crops by Venugopala Reddy, M
3. Zero Budget Natural Farming- Back to the Basics by Sushila Aechra, Rashmi Bhinda and Annu Dev
4. Centella Asiatica- A Threatened Medicinal Plant by Rajasekhara Reddy
5. Alstroemeria/Peruvian Lily by Bellapakonda Goutham Kishore
6. Existence and Application of Polyamines in Plants by Aresh Jinnamu and Nagarathna S.B.
7. Molecular Approaches of Crop Improvement : Male Sterility by Deepayan Roy
8. High Temperature Tolerance Studies through TIR Approach by Surekha S., Umesh Babu B.S, Afsanabanu Manik and Manjunath S.
9. Greenhouse Technology for Plant Propogation and Production by Venugopala Reddy, M.
10. Entomopathogenic Nematode: A Brief Introduction by Abhishek Singh
11. Managing Physiological Disorders in Arid Fruits for Better Return by Sheetal Rawat
12. Poison Nut (Strychnosnux-vomica): An Underexploited Medicinal Crop of Western Ghats by Shiva Sai Prasad, Muruli N V and Priya Byadagi
13. Applicatin of Blue Greet Algae: (Cynobacteria) by Dhanni Devi
14. Various Types of Seed Priming to Enhance the Tolerance by G.Srinivasan, T.D.Jayabal and S.V.Varshini
15. Geographical Indications of the Indian Plantation Sector by Dharini Chittaragi
16. Spray Drying: A Novel Processing Technique: An Overview by Priya Bydagi and Shiv Sai Prasad
17. Applicatin of Nanobiotechnology in Agriculture by Nidhi, Vipul Kumar, Bimal and Mohiniben
18. Advance Backcross and Introgression - Line Breeding Strategies by Manisha
19. Remote Sensing in Crop Yield Forecasting by H.N.Kanjiya
20. Micro-Environment under Different Colour Shade-Nets by H.N.Kanjiya
21. Assessment of Soil Loss by Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Technique by Ashay D Souza
22. Meiotic Engineering: Controlled Recombination for Crop Improvement by Stuti Krishna, Vaishali Ladumor and V.B.Parekh
23. Role of PGPR in Disease Management by Kiran Choudhary
24. Transcription Factors: Governing Stress Response in Crops by Vaishali Ladumor, Stuti Krishna and V.B.Parekh
25. Plant Virus General Characters, Symptoms of Viral Disease on Plant and Integrated Disease Management by Kiran Choudhary
26. Motility Mechanisms of Non-Motile Organisms by hitchhiking on Motile Organisms by Bindushree, C.
27. Probiotic Effects on Poultry by Rashmi Bhinda, Jeewan Ram Jat and Sushila Aechra
28. Quinoa: Nutritional Values and Health Benefits by Ankita Sharma and Surbhi Suman
29. Benefits of Drying of Food Products by Surbhi Suman and Ankita sharma
30. Effect of 1- Methylcyclopropene (1-mcp) on Quality and Nutrition of Food by Muruli, Deepa and Sai Prasad

This is for the information of Readers. The magazine, as stated in our previous post, shall most likely be dispatched in time on 11th of the month.

Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 07.07.2021

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