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Contents of August 2022 issue of Readers Shelf

Dear Readers,
The following are the contents of August 2022 issue of Readers Shelf 
1. Importance of Drone in Agriculture by C. Sharmila Rahale
2.  Organic Farming in India Present Status and Future by S.V. Varshiniand S.P. Sangeetha
3.       An Overview of Phosphorus Solubilizing Microorganism in Inorganic Phosphorus Solubilization by Ramaswamy V., Sridevi G., and Sivakumar K
4.       Integrated Nematode Management (INM) in Solanaceous Vegetables by G. Narayana Swamy
5.       Golden Rice: An Application of Genetic Engineering to Eradicate Malnutrition in Human by K.Shamini, R. Nagalakshmi, R. Sangeetha Vishnu Prabha
6.       Shovelomics- A Tool for Phenotyping the Hidden Half by Bhimireddy Shukrutha
7.       Importance of Education for Women by Sonam Kamboj
8.       Marker Aided Selectin Pyramiding of R gene by Ravi Regar
9.       Traps Useful for Management of Fruit Flies by Tumma Mounika
10.   Functions and Deficiency Symptoms of N, P and K by M Bhargava Narsimha Yadav and G R Vishwas Gowda
11.   Major Fungal Diseases of Turmaric and its Management Practices by Ravi Regar
12.   Crop Modelling: Introduction and its Applications to Agriculture by Amisha Choudhary and Ram Singh Choudhary
13.   Determination of Nutrient Potential Buffering Capacities for Phosphorus and Estimation of Phosphorus Fixation Capacities of Soils by Amisha Choudhary and Ram Singh Choudhary
14.  Biofortified Vegetable Crops for Nutritional Security by Pekila Bhutia and Aditya Pratap Singh
15.   Natural Farming Serve Mother Earth by Premalatha A and S Saravanakumar

Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 11.08.2022

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