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Contents of June 2023 issue

Dear Readers,
Following are the contents of Readers Shelf June 2023 issue. The readers will receive the hard copy of the issue very soon.

1.       Role of Research Scientists in Popularisation of the Traditional Insect Texonomy by Akash Nikoshe and Richa Kumari

2.       Viroids by A.Sudha

3.       Effect of Climate Change on Agriculture by I.A.B.Mirza, P.B.Ghodke and S.S.Halge

4.       Significant Impact of Physical Methods of Seed Invigoration by Rumit Patel and Rutvik Joshi

5.       Salt Affected Soils and Agronomic Methods of their Management by D.Pandagle, G.S. Khazi and Shaikh Wasim

6.       Plant Communications: An Overview by Jakku Prasanna, S.P.Ubale and P.B.Ghodke

7.       Symptoms of Viral Diseases by A.Sudha

8.      Breaking the Stigma: Entomophagy as a Sustainable and Nutritious Food Choice by Akash Nikoshe and Richa Kumari

9.       Beauty under Threat- Primerose of Arunachal Pradesh by T. Yatung and V.Bhargav

10.   Bio-Fortification in Horticultural Crops by K.Vignesh Manikumar and A. Bharathi

11.    Recycling of Waste Water for Agricultural Use by M.Ganesh Kumar and A.bharathi

12.    Technological Options to Reduce the Vulnerabilitiy of Drylands to Climate Change in India by P. Kunjammal

13.    Effect of Irrigation Practices on Yield of Traditional Rice Varities by P.Kunjammal, J.Sukumar and R.Raja Priya

14.    Methods of Seed Production in Cabbage by Mamtha A. and Nirosha K..

15.    Indigenous Climate Knowledge for Farming System by M.K.Nayak and Dolly Chouhan.

16.    Entomophagy: Edible Insects for Humans by D.Saicharan.

17.    Citrus Greening Disease: A Big Challenge for Citrus Growing Farmers by Kailash Patel.

Team Readers Shelf

Published on :: 19.06.2023

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