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Company Title - J V Publishing House, Readersshelf
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J. V. Publishing House, the publisher of the monthly Journal Readers Shelf has been established in the year 2004 by Mrs. Neeta Vyas. The Journal was first published in the month of October, 2004. From that period till date the journal is being published regularly. Apart from the this the firm, J.V.Publishing House is also engaged in publishing and distribution of books on different subjects.
Readers Shelf

It is a monthly Journal covering all the subjects including Arts, Commerce and Science, law etc. The owner Mrs. Neeta vyas a science graduate, being experienced in the field, has delegated the work to a team of professionals. This team looks after the day to day activities of publishing the journal, books etc. and distribution work. The journal during its journey has attained good reputation in the market with a very good subscriber base in the south, west, north eastern region and north India. Since it is covering all the subjects so the research scholars, teachers, the professors etc. are finding the journal useful. At Readers Shelf we have planned to spread knowledge of intellectuals among the readers in such a way that the readers find new and informative articles which increase their knowledge and keep them updated in every field.

Support of Readers and Contributories
readers shelfThe running of a journal continuously is in itself a big task which cannot be done without the involvement and input from the authors and readers. We expect encouragement in the form contribution of informative and knowledgeable articles in the journal from all the colleges, institutions, universities and faculties associated with these institutions. We, at Readers Shelf, assure all the authors and readers that their efforts will not be ineffective nor ours.
The team of professionals include Mr. Mukesh vyas, B.Com, F.C.A., a Chartered Accountant and honorary chief editor of the journal who is looking after the Commerce and Management section of the journal with other editors viz. B.V.H. Kameswar Sastry, P.C.S. Raja Ram, V.Vijay Durga Prasad, Mrs. M. Purohit, M. Sc. in botany and Ph. D., is responsible for science segment. This team is assisted by a team of dedicated editors.

J.V.Publishing House, during its journey since establishment has published more than 60 books on different subjects viz. science, commerce and arts.

NEEM, JATROPHA, WORKING OF POULTRY INDUSTRY IN INDIA, Poultry Husbandry, A Text Book of Dairy Chemistry etc. are the most popular titles in science whereas in commerce, THE FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING, AUDITING AND VAT- AN EASY APPROACH, are popular titles alongwith the titles on management. In arts, THE PRINCELY STATES – PERSONAGES, REGIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, CRITICAL CONSTELLATION etc. are among the popular books.

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